Vegan appetizers - the Costco edition
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Months ago I volunteered to provide the food for our local shelter's art fundraiser. Normally I'd cook, and enjoy it. However, work and life has thrown some curveballs, and it's become clear I'm overextended. The event is from 4-7 on a Saturday afternoon, so I'd been thinking mostly heavy, savory bites.

There's a minimal kitchen on site, but I live close enough to bake/warm things and bring them over and keep them mostly hot. What are your favorite vegan apps available at Costco? (really must be vegan - it's a decision by our local humane board) What would you avoid?
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If you need them to be pre-prepared, I'd say falafels.
Gardein has some delicious chick'n, beefless and crabless cake vegan offerings in various sauces, too!
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I suggest various Field Roast sausages serve sliced, with a few hearty mustard choices.
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I generally enjoy hummus and guacamole as separate and distinct entities, but this stuff is quite good, if dips are an option. For individual snacks, maybe potstickers? These are best panfried but could be steamed or microwaved in a pinch.
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Stuffed grape leaves, also this site.
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The Costco requirement is flummoxing me because I don't know what they carry. Are there budget limitations? How many servings are you aiming for? Plates to dishes ratio (# expected attendees / # dishes served?)?
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Costco is because I understand they carry frozen appetizers, or things I could easily turn into apps (like the meatless meatballs). My budget is flexible. We expect approximately 100 people, and originally I'd been planning on 7 or 8 dishes.
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Costco almost always has excellent brussels sprouts, which could be roasted whole in advance and then served tossed in something like this mustard-maple dressing, served with toothpicks, either warm or room-temp.

They also usually have fantastic looong green beans or haricots verts, which you could serve with dip/dressing like this.

I think they carry mini tart shells that are made with vegetable oil (so they're vegan/kosher/halal), which you could fill with a vegetable puree like a garlicky butternut...or just give in and make vegan pumpkin pie filling.
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With your update, any chance you're near a Trader Joe's? They have tons of frozen vegan appetizers.
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A raw veggie platter might not have a vegan dip, but that's an easy replacement...
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VegNews just ran an article on vegan items at Costco that could help you. Happy World Vegan Day :)
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Kirkland tortilla chips, Wholly Guacamole, and Kirkland mango salsa. Not a hot appetizer but filling, delicious and vegan.
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They almost always carry frozen vegan egg rolls that are quite good, but last week, I did not see them at my local store. 50 egg rolls for $10, and they come with dipping sauce, though I prefer to serve them with a bottled sweet chili sauce instead of the provided sauce. There are some lovely new vegan dips in the refrigerated sections and many of their crackers are vegan.
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Super helpful, everyone. Thank you!
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