What worthwhile, beneficial sites can I find on the deep web?
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The deep web is hundreds of times larger than the surface web. Something so enormous has to have some beneficial or interesting things, doesn't it? The dark web is only a teeny, tiny part of it, and I have no interest in anything that happens there. But I have a lot of interest in seeing what else there is on the deep web. What do you guys think?
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So, the "deep web" is just the web that is not publicly indexed and available. Sure, there are some beneficial and interesting things there.

You probably already use many of them. Things like Gmail, online banking, the web tools you may use at work, systems used by universities and all types of govt, etc. etc.

If you tell us more about what types of things you're interested in, you may get more helpful answers. But just because something is not publicly indexed does not mean a) that it's especially neat or b) that you're not already using it.
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"Deep magazine" would be the stuff not listed on the cover, so....YMMV.
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If you just want to faff around and find some interesting sources for research and rabbit holes, I'd suggest you start with your local library. Mine has a web portal that you sign into with your library card number that gives you access to a bunch of different non-public databases and other information sources, curated, organized, and sometimes paid for, through the library.

You can also just search for "deep web resources" to find guides to different types of information if you want more.

I sometimes look around for stuff like this too. Also, pre-web, I used to sometimes spend whole days at the library researching random things for no reason, so I totally get the impulse.
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reocities.com and oocities.org are both Geocities preseveration projects - they're now deep web because you have to know they exist to find them. Lots of good stuff there. Lots of outdated, worthless junk, too.

Looking for "good stuff on the deep web" is about as vague as "send me good links." Maybe worse, because the deep web, by definition, has no map; yeah, there's treasures in there, but there are treasures on the ocean floor, too. Unlike the ocean floor, it's not physically dangerous to explore; however, also unlike the ocean floor, there's no radar or sonar that can help you know when you're "close" to something you'd like to find.

Random deep web searching can include "put interesting word or short phrase in the URL bar, followed by .com."
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