Saving & highlighting online articles on an e-ink device
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Elegant solution wanted for: 1. Saving articles to read later. 2. Reading them on an e-ink device. 3. Taking notes and highlights on articles and retrieving them easily later/automatically.

I read a lot of online articles, and sometimes I want to store and highlight them for research purposes. In the past I used a combination of Pocket + Evernote + an iPad to do this. It's very clumsy and annoying (the Evernote interface is really not designed for reading things).

I recently started sending articles to my Kindle via Instapaper in bundles every few days. This makes them much more pleasant to read, and I can even highlight articles, but it feels very hacked together and over time my Kindle has become filled with hundreds of half read 'Instapaper magazines' that clog up the interface. Also, getting highlights off a Kindle is a pain in the neck, especially since they are all labelled merely 'Instapaper'.

So what other solutions are there? The Kobo Aura e-ink reader has Pocket built in - which is HUGELY appealing - but you CANNOT make highlights!! Outrageous.

Other solutions? It is maddening to me that this is not easier. Thanks
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You could try the GrabMyBooks add-on if you are browsing with Firefox. I use it every day for saving articles and selected text to my Kindle.
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