Attention, all craft beer aficionados, where do you go for beer news?
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Looking for the best in beer blogs, magazines, and ephemera. Help me stay on top of the news in my field!

I'm trying to do more research in order to be up to date and topical about craft beer. It helps me learn, and it also helps in my podcast interview process. Where do you go to get informed? To learn about what's happening in beer? I'd prefer online sources, but am not unopposed to print ones if the feel is right.

If you'd like, you could make social media recs of folks to follow on Twitter and Instagram, but odds I probably already follow the best known ones.
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If you like true crime as well as beer, True Crime Garage reviews a beer with every podcast. They also mention an app, which may be Untappd, that a number of members belong to, so if you are of like mind with the presenters you might "tap" into a new group of people to friend even if you're already on Untappd.

True Crime Brewery also reviews beer along with their podcast but they are something of an acquired taste. Well, probably both podcasts are, but True Crime Garage is more palatable for me. I can only listen to True Crime Brewery from time to time.
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r/beer is pretty good, but you may already follow that. mybeerbuzz, beerstreetjournal.

Follow all your local places of course.
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I’m sure you already know about Ben’s Beer Blog, but aside from my local bartender that’s all I got.
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I get news from following local breweries on Twitter and Facebook, along with some local FB groups.

Otherwise, sources include Brewbound, the Beer Temple Insiders Roundtable radio show/podcast, Good Beer Hunting, This Is Why I'm Drunk, BeerAdvocate, and veteran writers such as Andy Crouch and Josh Noel.
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Stan Hieronymus is one of my favorite writers on beer:

The Master Brewers Association of the Americas:

Ron Pattison does more historical stuff which might help provide perspective:

more beer history types (disclosure: I know them):

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Shut up about Barclay Perkins is a good antidote to craft guff. Boak and bailey are good and aggregate. Talkbeer, Don't drink beer (if you can tolerate the onanism), RateBeer (normal service will be resumed one day) - with these you may have to wade through crap and call it curating.
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Stan Hieronymus is one of my favorite writers on beer:

The Monday Beer Links posts on his blog are often good, too.
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I don't recall how I got subscribed but I receive Draft Magazine's email newsletter. I don't get a lot of messages from them and their promotional materials are well marked. In the newsletters they promote new notable beers, include some beer centric recipes and flog an occasional larger piece of beer journalism.
posted by mmascolino at 8:41 AM on November 1, 2017 [1 favorite] has a beer newsletter twice a week that is a great summary of the lastest news in the industry.
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It's a bit regional, but I am fond of for a mix of reviews, policy, and market news on beer.
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Craft brewery worker here. I suspect that you're looking for information on hot new beers as opposed to the technical and business side, but in case you're looking for more, these are the publications that show up in print around here:

The New Brewer: bi-monthly publication of the Brewers Association

Zymurgy, bi-monthly publication of the American Homebrewers Association:

Those two can be a bit technical, neither one is free, next two are basically gossip and ads:

West Coaster: San Diego area brewery gossip

Southwest Brewing News: (obviously they also cover different regions)
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It may be a bit far afield for you, but Japan craft beer is booming. Japan Beer Times is a lot of ads, but it basically covers new bars, brewers, and events.

If you are interested in others such as sake or shochu, memail me. (I don't get too close to self-linking. But, Mrs. Gotanda works in that industry.)
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BeerPulse - Good for more industry-level details
New School Beer - Fantastic for PNW beer news in particular
Seattle Beer News - Good for Seattle beer news
Roads & Kingdoms - Not strictly beer-related, but good for more of an international view of things

Beyond that, individual brewery blogs are good
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I wasn't going to mention the American Society of Brewing Chemists as they seem a little niche, but they did just share this wonderful article on pumpkin beer.
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I just found the Appellation Beer blog - good stuff! Looks like it is run by Stan Hieronymus whom I mentioned upthread.
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