Node-thing to worry about?
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Medi-filter, you are not my doctor, but I'd like some advice about my groin! (It's not that exciting, sadly, just a sore/swollen lymph node.)

A lymph node on the left side of my groin area is painful to the touch, a little achy when not being touched, and swollen to about the size of a lima bean. This just happened in the past few days, I think. It's hard, not squishy, and not particularly mobile. There's no swelling or redness on the skin. I don't have any current illnesses or injuries, though I did have a minor nailbed injury on my left big toe a few weeks back (which has since resolved). I do also have a cat and I guess toxo is a Thing?

Background information which may be of use: AFAB, so testicular cancer can be ruled out. No remarkable health history. I had an upper respiratory infection for a good chunk of September, which is out of character for me (rarely ill and usually clear it pretty fast; this hung on for weeks). I've been experiencing lingering tiredness / lack of energy since then, but this could be due to work/general-being-alive stress. I had a routine physical in September, just before getting sick, and the PCP notified me to say my bloodwork showed a leukemoid reaction and asked me to drop by again in a while to have it rechecked since I hadn't reported feeling ill at the physical. Since I came down sick just a few days later, I assumed at the time the WBC had maybe just been elevated because of the impending illness, so I haven't been back yet for a re-check.

On a scale of one to very, how concerned do I need to be about this node? Could this just be mono or similar? I'd rather avoid the time and expense of a doctor's visit if this is a viral thing which will likely resolve on its own in a few weeks. Is there any home care stuff I can do to reduce the swelling or make it less achy? (It's located right under the seam of most underpants, and the pressing makes it sore.)
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Well, I've had cancer, so I think you should go to the doctor. But it sounds like you don't want to, so I will share with you that my oncologist tells me if I have any symptom that persists for 2 weeks, I should come and see him. If you're sure it's only been swollen for a few days and it's not causing you too much worrying-related stress, wait another 10 days and see if it's still there. And then go to the doctor.
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My husband had an enlarged lymph node in his groin and it turned out to be lymphoma. Go get it checked out, please.
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Uh, yeah. I came in here to say what the others have said, because my bestie has cancer. Get it checked out. Way, way better safe than sorry.
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If it were just the lymph node, I would say wait and see for a week. I've definitely had swollen lymph nodes there that went away on their own in a matter of days.

However. Leukemoid blood work + tiredness + swollen lymph node = general illness OR something much much worse. Make an appointment to see the doc, it's really the prudent thing to do.
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Please go to the doctor. Maybe it's a virus, but if it's not, the trade-offs are much more than a bit of time and money. Inertia and denial are powerful, but please go. Better safe than sorry.
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Huh, I'm a bit surprised the answer trend has been so unanimous. I was figuring I could maybe kind of blow this off. The discomfort has increased over the afternoon -- which I think argues against it being Something Serious, maybe? Hell, given the location it could be a hernia, apparently, which I didn't even know could occur in that area. But it's sore when I walk or when I sit, at this point, and the general consensus seems to be 'go,' so I got myself an appointment for Friday and will cross my fingers that it turns out to be relatively affordable. Thank you!
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In the meantime, though, if anyone has any ideas for pain/swelling relief, I'd be all over it. Heat? Ice? I have literally no idea what to apply.
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Tylenol and hot packs may help the tenderness.
I join the chorus in saying get it checked out. I am glad you made an appointment.
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Update purely for entertainment purposes: so I'm waiting on bloodwork to confirm, but it's likely a B. henselae infection. Yes, that's right: CAT SCRATCH FEVER. I now have a short course of antibiotics and a patient care sheet that literally has Ted Nugent lyrics copy/pasted into the 'Diagnosis' section because my PCP thought this was hilarious. (He is correct, it is pretty hilarious.)
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