How do I set up an Uber a/c for relative, billed to my credit card?
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Just what it says, I'd like to provide an Uber account for an out of town relative, pay the bill, but with some issues. See below.

*Relative -- same last name as mine -- lives out of state, I'm in NY.
* I already have an Uber a/c, I have a good rating but I prefer to use Juno so the account hasn't been used lately.
*My Uber account is tied to one of my credit cards.
*I will use a separate credit card in my name for this additional account.

Relative doesn't have a credit card, I will gladly pay the bill.

I am F, relative is M. I don't want Uber driver to question relative at pickup, so account needs to be in his name.
As mentioned above, we share a last name.

Is this doable? Can you have two accounts with Uber?
Can the account be in one name and the credit card be in another (first) name?

I know this should be addressed to Uber but ... what are the odds of getting thru?

Any help appreciated. Many thanks!
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Is there any reason the feature introduced this year to pay for someone else's ride wouldn't do the trick?
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Best answer: If it was the same Credit Card, Uber has family sharing. They also have gift cards. But it seems like what you want is just to use your credit card and your relative will have their own account? That should be fine.
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Yeah - Uber doesn't really care whose credit card is being used as long as all the info on it is valid. Set up a new account for him (unless you want to do the family sharing thing) and just put in the credit card you want to use.
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Response by poster: Amazing MeFites, as always!

I literally did not get the memo on Family Sharing. I did know about paying for someone's ride, but I want him to be free to use the ride service independent of me, since he's far away and the point is for him to have some independence since he's without a car in a place where a car would be ... useful.

Oh, and I don't even need to use a separate credit card!

Thanks for all three of your fast responses. :)

We are putting this into place as I type! And I am so happy to be able to do this for him.
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