How can I hang a rack from several hooks?
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I want to hang some sort of caddy from these hooks to add storage in my bathroom but I can't figure out how to do it. Surely there's a stabler option than using a hanging shower caddy, right? What could I buy and/or DIY for this?

I'd like to use something hanging from those hooks to expand my bathroom storage - either to hold big stuff like cleaning supplies and mouthwash, etc or to hold little things like makeup and band-aids; either would be useful. If I had the space and/or talent to DIY from scratch, I would, but I don't really have any tools or materials or a garage or anything to work in (if there's a straightforward medium I could learn, though, I'd be very open to it!). Is there any sort of premade rack with a flat top it could hang from that I could use or customize for this?

I'm a renter so I'd prefer to do something that doesn't involve drilling into the wall (or else I'd just mount shelving) but if that's absolutely the best option, I'm open to it.

Bonus points for anything with a bamboo/wood finish, but that's hardly a necessity.
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Sorry, I meant to add - the rack right now is 11 inches wide. There is plenty of space below and around it.
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You need to be careful not to put too much weight on the existing rack. I would start by adding a rod to the rack and then look at containers designed to hang from that rod. You want the have at least one thing hanging from the rod on each side of the rack so the rod doesn't wobble. I'd add zipties, too. IKEA has a lot rail storage in their kitchen section. As for wood finish, this RIMFORSA holder looks nice but the rail it works with is flat and might not work on your existing rack.
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You could use zip ties to attach something like this hanging spice rack.

But I think what I would do instead is get whatever combination of these 3M Command Bath items looks useful to you and attach them under the hooks. They have a nice-looking nickel caddy. I have had good experience with the regular 3M command products, although I've never used the bath ones.
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Something like this might work-- it's 12" wide.
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Does it have to be in combination with that hook thing? If the screws that are holding it up are screwed into anchors or the studs then you could remove the hook thing and install whatever you want that fits with the dimensions of those holes.

If you want to just use it for light things like toothpaste or makeup, two screws will work. If you want to use it to store stuff like mouthwash or cleaning supplies, you'll probably need to put a couple more screws in. Doing this really isn't too hard and it's a great skill to learn. Here's a video for it.
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Thanks all. Point taken about the weight - I probably didn't give that enough thought before - so I'll focus on lightweight solutions/lightweight items (probably makeup) and keep a close eye on how much everything is adding up. If I end up wanting to put heavier stuff on the wall, I'll put in new screws and mounting to make sure it's hung appropriately.

I'm not sure exactly what solution I'm going to go with yet but I feel like I have a lot more leads to pique the imagination. Thank y'all so much!
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