How to ship a piece of furniture?
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I want to buy a cabinet from a person who lives about 200 miles from me. Are there shipping services that would go pick up the cabinet, put it on a truck, and deliver it to me?

I feel like such a thing must exist, but my googling hasn't turned up much. I'm finding shipping services that are geared towards moving a whole house worth of stuff, but not just a single item. I found this previous question , but it's 10 years old and many of the recommended services are no longer in business. Any updated recommendations? Thanks!
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Best answer: Yes.
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Craigslist can be a great option as well - I've found people on craigslist who have not only picked up and brought me furniture but also paid the seller as well (obv be careful about how you set this up and YMMV).
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Quite a few times, I have sent very large packages (one chair and one large area rug) via Greyhound it was by far the cheapest way to go. Significantly cheaper than UPS or FedEx. However, you will need someone to package the item and drop it off and then you will need to pick it up at the bus station.

On second look, it looks like there may be pick-up and delivery options for an additional fee.
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Best answer: Mini Moves Have used them several times and was very satisfied with the service.
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