Graphic designers of MeFi! Where do you go, online, for feedback?
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(Asking for my spouse.) Say you're in an environment where you can't get useful/any feedback on your work as a neophyte graphic designer. Do there exist online communities, resembling Metafilter in feel/attitude, where graphic designers can share their drafts with others and get feedback?

Absolutely necessary: supportive, respectful, honest but non-troll-y environment. Interactivity—not just some dude's blog, unless it has an abnormally active comments community.

Would be nice: low learning curve/barrier for entry—like, lower than Twitter's.
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My vote for:
I enjoy it just for perusing design but it might be helpful.
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Behance might be a helpful thing to check out. I don't know if there's a better feedback area somewhere, but people are definitely able to see and like and comment on designs.
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