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I need a specific recommendation for a lower back physical therapist/rehab person in LA.

So, this was me back in June. I still haven’t cracked this problem. If you’re an LA local, I need recommendations for physical therapists or rehab centers who have helped you with your lower back issues. I’m exhausted by trying to weed out the quacks and the bullshit “lifestyle” fitness people. I am not looking for guesswork, links to lists of providers, arguments about therapy modalities, or any other generalized advice. Real names, please ... and thanks!
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Sent you a memail.
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I don't know where in LA you are but I had a great experience at CATZ PT in Pasadena. It was a schlep for me, but worth it. I've unfortunately experienced several PT places around LA and this is by far the best. A very atheltic vibe, rather than a hospital/medical vibe. 1/2 of the very large space is a hardcore training center, so it's noisy and energetic, which I found motivational, even though I'm not very athletic myself.

You can read reviews on Yelp and other places but you have to sort out the ones that are for PT vs. training.

Also, hella, HELLA expensive, which was mitigated a bit because I got a prescription from my doc, so about 1/2 of it was covered. But worth it. I was there for lower back/herniated disc. A friend did a six-month hardcore rehab post-surgery from torn achilles and he also had a good experience.
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I totally endorse Gail Wherer & Associates (Yelp) in Santa Monica. I’ve been for post-shoulder surgery, two knee issues, and I think one more thing, and have had great experiences. My “guy”left and last time I just took the woman they set me up with and she did a great job. I know they work with a lot of athletes, pro and amateur, and you see kids with sports injuries and I assume those SM parents could go to anyone. They are straight PT, no supplements or chiro or anything else.

But wherever you go, you’ve got to do the exercises!
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Not an LA local, but I've worked with the Egoscue Method before for back pain and seen excellent results. They address posture on a whole-body level, which tends to be more effective than just working on the problem in isolation. They have clinics in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Downside is Egoscue does not take insurance, but you could try one appointment and see if you want to continue. Or try reading one of his books, like Pain Free, try the exercises listed there, then see if you want to pay for an in-person appointment.

Another place to try would be the Postural Restoration Institute. They also work on posture, but especially through breathing. Looks like they have 5 locations in LA.

Most importantly, read How to Find a Good Physical Therapist. The key takeaway: you should feel like you're clearly making progress on Day 1. It doesn't take 6 weeks to start seeing improvement. "If a PT is not helping you after the initial session, in my experience it is time to cut your losses and move on to someone else right away."

Good luck!
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