In which my advent calendar obsession spans decades
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I'm looking for an advent calendar that: 1. Just has pictures (no chocolate OR OTHER GIFTS<); 2) has INTERESTING pictures (ie not just a bauble/a star/a wrapped present); 3) has pictures that are NOT CHRISTIAN.

I asked about advent calendars back in 2008. You would think I'd have this advent calendar business sorted by now. You would be wrong.

I reached breaking point a few years ago after buying a 'country house' themed advent calendar.... in which, somehow, Jesus and pals started turning up towards the end of the month. In an early twentieth century country house? It didn't even occur to me that this would be something I had to worry about*. However, I'm still hopeful that somehow I'm gonna find one that fits my specification.

Ideally I could get this within the UK, but I'm asking early on purpose so that I have time to order one from somewhere else if necessary. I would prefer not to spend too much on this, though.

I don't want to make my own because I want it to be A SURPRISE

*Yes, I know that 'advent' is originswise a Christian thing. No, I don't think that it's at all strange for me to want to enjoy the buildup to Christmas in a secular way.
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Last year, my son received a Gruffalo's Child Advent Calendar which is just windows to open with interesting Gruffalo related pictures inside, nothing Christian. Made by a company called Woodmansterne. I think it came via Moonpig, not sure.
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In 2013 or 2014 I got an Andy Warhol Advent calendar - images and text, afaik completely secular - from either the Met or MOMA, can't remember - either way, it seems to no longer be available.

But a quick search of current options turns up this one with birds and a few others - might be worth checking out!
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Advent calendars are fun, especially with kids! Our family wasn't religious, but my Mom made at least one advent calendar and filled it up with different stuff every year. There are lots of reasons to make an Advent calendar if you're not Christian.

Check out the National Gallery and Metropolitan Museum's selections.
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Try Anne Kilham. I was familiar with her work in my bookstore days ages ago, wasn't overly Xtian.
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There are a number of advent calendars on Amazon from this seller which are traditional-looking but which, according to the blurb, have pictures which are not religious, e.g. themed on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.
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If you'd enjoy a computer version, this one has cute games and activities each day. I don't recall any religious stuff.
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I used to have this Muppet version of The Gift of the Magi, which I don't remember being overtly religious.
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I think you want Bas Bleu. I've been looking at advent calendars myself (although I most definitely do want little gifts or chocolates), and they have quite a few that just have pictures to open, some are even three dimensional.
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Dunno if it's a bit gimmicky and too far removed from the wee doors with pictures type of advent calendar, but someone gave me this last year and it was great, each day you add a new animal and by the 25th the tree's bristling with livestock in a very satisfying way.
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These are very popular in Germany, and I've seen a lot of non-religious ones there. If you can order from a German online store you might have more luck.
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