Facebook photo download, easy way?
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Hello...I would really like to download all of my Facebook photos but I'm not sure if there is an easy way to do this? Any suggestions as I am looking to quit FB and try to get back some of my free time. It seems like most suggest one photo at a time but that seems extremely tedious.
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You can download your entire archive from FB.

That should include everything, but I havent tried it.
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I know you can download individual albums. I don't think there is a way to download all the photos at once, other than downloading your entire archive.
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Downloading the entire archive is pretty easy and painless and you get all your photos but they come out without metadata (no time and date taken).
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For the future, there are IFTT recipes which will download pics you are tagged in to your google or Dropbox or whatever. Sorry, can’t seem to create link on my phone, but google IFTT and Facebook and you will see many options.
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IFTTT recipes will generally only work on new pictures and not archives. There are browser extensions like Down Them All, for example, that will try to download every media element on a page and you can usually filter by file type. Once you are looking at your "Photos" page, run it and it will grab a bunch. Then you can delete them and refresh to grab more.
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