Help me waste all of my precious free time reading Batman
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I used to read DC comics all the time. Subscription at the Local Store, pick them up on Wednesday, long boxes full of comics, that kinda thing. Then I had babies and stopped because ain't nobody got time for that and diapers. However, this is 2017 and there must be a better way. I have an iPad and money, please help me.

I grew up in Italy and, before I moved to the US in the my early 20s, I used to download my comics in .cbr format off of the internet: all the old issues and, weekly, a bundle of new releases. I understand that this is not ethical, which is why I stopped as soon as I moved to the US in 2005 and started going to my amazing local comic book store instead. I read avidly, on paper, until I got pregnant with my daughter in 2013, got way way behind on current issues and then just gave up because it was not worth it to spend my time organizing and storing and sorting when all I wanted was to read.

Now it's 2017 and I really really miss it. I want to be able to swear at DCs dumb plot lines too, dammit, and I want to support my favorite writers and artists. What I want to be able to do, however, is have a digital archive much like in my teenage years with folders full of .cbr files. I want to open my iPad, in bed, and catch up on comics. I would settle for reading on my desktop, if that's the best way to do it. Actually, having access on both my iPad and my desktop would be best.

I want to do this legitimately. Money is no object, really, but I do want easy access to back issues. Help me, Mefites! We live in the digital age, how do I buy and download some awesome superhero comics? Digital subscriptions? Websites?
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Marvel has a subscription, $10/month for unlimited reading of what they now say is a library of more than 20k comics. (Marvel Unlimited). And of course that's what you should be reading. :)
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Comixology is the standard answer for 'legal digital comics' these days, I think; they have an iPad app.
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Comixology is owned by Amazon, and it's worth noting that if you are buying collections, you should price check both. Amazon will sometimes list a discounted bookstore price, while Comixology will tend to have the recommended retail price unless there's a sale going on. Digital comic collections purchased on Amazon will show up in the Comixology app.
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You are going to love Comixology so damn much.
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Honestly, I pay Marvel the annual subscription and download the scans into Chunky for iPad. I can use boxopus to download directly to my google drive, and then chunky will import them directly from google drive. It's a much better reading experience compared to Marvel Unlimited.

I have not tried Comixology in a while, so it's possible that they're able to deliver a user friendly legal experience.
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Something I didn't know about until recently, when a friend offered to "on-ramp" me into the current DC world, is that Hoopla Digital can give you access to trades for free if you have a library card. There's a limit per month (8, I think), but it's a hell of a thing, and really easy to use, and the reading experience on a computer or iPad is great.

DEFINITELY look into this, because it can fill some gaps for you without having to buy and store the trades. Candidly, I'm also pretty price-insensitive about these things, but comics and trades will expand to fill all available space if you're not careful. That Hoopla is also free is just the icing on the cake.

Signing up was, for me, super easy -- I had a library card already, so I was reading comics inside 3 or 4 minutes.
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Uberchet - thanks for the link to Hoopla. I was completely unaware of it and after following your link I am now reading Kirby's Mr. Miracle!
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