Twitch Streaming Setup for PC -> Mac
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I've been thinking for a while about starting to stream some of my gaming on Twitch. My PC setup is unusual though, so I'm wondering about the logistics of streaming PC -> Mac

My gaming PC actually runs through my living room TV, with my playing from the sofa using a wireless keyboard and mouse.

This obviously poses some logistical issues for streaming from it, particularly if I plan to use a close up webcam at some point.

One option I was considering just to test the waters was streaming from the PC, via something like the Elgato HD60 over USB to my 2015 Macbook, and then running the stream (and any associated mic/camera) from that.

This would mean I could keep the laptop on the side table next to me, whilst still playing through my standard setup.

I'm struggling to find anyway to sanity check this idea via online guides though, which I kinda want to do before dropping any cash on things.

Any thoughts, techie MeFites? Or if this doesn't sound practical, what other alternatives might there be?
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I'm confused. Why can't you broadcast to Twich from the gaming PC?
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Couple of reasons (at least in my head!):

1) Because I'm normally about 2m away from the gaming PC sitting, on the sofa. Sure, I'm playing EU4 or Civ or whatever, but I'm on the sofa doing so through a big TV with my mouse on the chair armrest.

So if I want to run headphones / mic i'm going to need a LOT of cable or wireless stuff for both which is more expensive and, from what i can tell, far from ideal if i then want to use a camera as well (Wireless HD ones lag badly, if the reviews are any guide).

2) Because of the above arrangement, I can't really run a proper dual-monitor setup, or at least not without MORE lengthy cables. I get the impression dual monitors is pretty useful for streaming.

That's all stuff I then have to put AWAY whenever I'm not streaming. Whereas if I can do:


Then that's only ONE cable I need to tuck away when I'm not streaming.

Unless I've completely misunderstood the logistics of how streaming works? Which I accept is entirely possible!
posted by garius at 8:35 AM on October 27, 2017

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