Cheapest place to get a Neti pot in NYC tonight?
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I have an unlimited metro card, time, the beginnings of a cold, and not much money. What is the cheapest place I can pick up a Neti pot (plastic or ceramic is fine, the squeeze bottle is not ok) and maybe even the fine salt?

The N/R or 6 trains are best but I’m foolish enough to swap time and legwork for money. (Whole paycheck wants 13.99 for the plastic one. If I can’t get one for say, $10 please tell me to just eat my soup and go to sleep.)
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Duane Reade has plastic neti pot kits (30 packets of salt included) for iirc ~ $10? It may be a bit over that but since DRs / walgreens blanket the city like a fungus you probably wouldn't have to go far.
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Any big drug store. I know they have them in Target at Atlantic Terminal (Brooklyn).
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If you're really wanting to save $, maybe a DIYing a neti pot using a water bottle with a 'sports cap' -- then buying a real one off of Amazon might be your cheapest bet.
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Walgreens or CVS. Pick up a gallon of distilled water while you're at it. If you decide on the DIY route, look for recipes that use non-iodized salt and baking soda.
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Response by poster: I got distilled water and it turned out that Whole Foods had the best price for my limitation (can’t use the squeeze bottle kind). Now I will sleep.
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All you need is non-iodized salt. I buy canning and pickling salt (just make sure it has nothing else but salt in it). Cheap as dirt.

So glad you can sleep now!
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