vegan and carnivore friendly restaurant in Boston for Thanksgiving
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We're looking for a restaurant in Boston, Ma. or nearby that can cater to both carnivores looking for a traditional turkey-centric Thanksgiving dinner, and, to vegans who want to have options which aren't just the vegetarian or carnivorous options with the meat/dairy taken out. Help us not have to eat a grilled pepper followed by a fruit plate!

We already tried Seasons 52 which very much falls into the "remove all the stuff from a dish that's meat or dairy (or cooked with either of those things) and the vegans can have what's left over". Not impressive. Anywhere that actually makes an effort?

Bonus points for live entertainment with the dinner.
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Price range?
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Response by poster: I guess 60-70 bucks a head or so before drinks? We could probably do more depending on how well a more expensive place fits the bill.
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Check fancy downtown hotels. I ate at Boston Harbor Hotel's Atlantic Room for Thanksgiving years ago once and enjoyed it thoroughly. There was an immense selection, so I think there would have to be vegan options, but you can always call and ask to be sure. Or check other hotels -- extravagant Holiday buffets is just a thing that they do, and I'd bet one will have something you are looking for.
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I have been advised via this article (see #8) that Beat Brasserie's Thanksgiving Americana has traditional turkey dinner, 'traditional' vegan dinner, and entertainment.
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Also check out what The Beehive is offering. Also with live music all day.
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And (last one, I promise) I maintain that True Bistro is so good (as a fine vegan restaurant) that even committed carnivores love it. If you think your meat-eaters might be open to such a thing, might be worthwhile ringing them to see what Thanksgiving will entail this year.
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I was going to say any restaurant in that price range should have a decent vegetarian option, but then re-read the question and saw that you want vegan... which is a lot harder, because dairy is delicious. (This is not a judgment! Just an observation. I think a lot of pricier places avoid many vegan options because in the high price range many people would be upset not to receive something without an expensive cheese or the like.)

I think all of pammeke's suggestions sound good. This article looks up to date, but I'm not seeing any vegan options explicitly mentioned. I think picking a handful of restaurants you are interested in and calling to ask what they can do is a reasonable idea. (I hate making phone calls and I still think this is a reasonable option. You can stop making calls as soon as you get an answer you're satisfied with, you don't have to call your whole list.) There is a good chance places in your price range would be willing to do something off-menu for a vegan option.
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