Photo management software with easy metadata management
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Since Picasa shut down a while back my digital photo archive has been in limbo and is a bit of a mess. Need a simple photo management solution where I can label my pics.

Despite web and metafilter searches I haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory answer.

I don't want to use an online solution like Google Photos. I already have all the photos in dropbox. I'd like a simple photo file manager really. Ideally able to do some editing but most importantly able to easily edit the photo metadata so that I can label the pictures with subject information and easily see that information - as I could in Picasa. Looking back at my photos from a holiday last year I have already forgotten the context...

This is clearly a pretty basic and I imagine very common issue, but I can't seem to find a good solution. Windows photos doesn't show the subject information or allow you to edit it, neither does Dropbox.

Grateful for any solutions. It seems silly that I'm unable to manage my photos as well as I could 10 years ago with Picasa. I'm prepared to consider paid options, not just the free ones.
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I'm interested to see the responses here. I have been looking for the same!

There's a short summary at Picasa is Dead. Here Are 5 Free Alternatives for Online Image Software which looks promising (despite the title, several of those listed are offline apps, rather than websites).

Phototheca looks good, $40. Can anyone comment?

Windows Live Photo Gallery (looks like free with Windows 10?) might cover these requirements. I'd be worried about lock-in and having it do surprising things that I don't want it to do ("if you're not paying for the product you are the product"). Can anyone comment?
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Oh, sorry, you've already tried "Windows Live Photo Gallery", have you? I assume that's what you meant by "Windows photos doesn't show ..."
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I've been using XnViewMP as a Picassa replacement.
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darktable: an open source / free project, originally developed for Linux and Mac, but the latest news item on their web site from August introduces an alpha version for Windows.
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You can still find the install files for Picasa here. I use it on a Windows 10 machine and it works.
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