Help me score some Meowie Wowie!
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What is your favorite brand and source of ultra-super-duper strong catnip? I want to send my kitty kids into orbit!

I'd like to spoil my cats with some "Meowie Wowie" - very strong, aromatic, potent catnip! Tell me your best brands and sources - I'm in California for in-person stuff, but I can buy online from anywhere. The 'nip I get at Petco and the like seems rather weaksauce to me. I want the good, strong-smelling stuff!

I've also seen some "feline herbal blends" in pet store lately like valerian/silver vine/lavender blends and so on. Do your cats like them? If so, do they have a favorite? Do people on Etsy or other sites make a nice potent blend?
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Best answer: The wirecutter just did a deep dive on catnip.
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Best answer: In California, you can grow your own fresh stuff year round! It grows fine in a container on your patio or porch (you might need to protect it from neighbor cats!) and the fresh stuff is lovely and potent.
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Yeowww is good stuff. We buy their toys rather than the loose nip, but they’re still strong.
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Best answer: I also came in here to recommend the Yeowww cat nip. I've used both there loose leaf cat nip and also their catnip toys. I've tried other brands, but this seems to be way better than the other stuff I found at petco. I order the Yeowww products from Amazon.
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Forgot to include the link to the Yeowww loose leaf cat nip in my first comment, so here it is.
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Catnip banana (as linked above) is the best toy. I have seen so many cats carry it around. The texture, the shape, the weight, the catnip -- all seem to be perfect.

If you have two cats, you should probably get two so they don't fight over one.
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Man, that damn banana. My cat hugs it, bites it, runs around the house with it, gets emotional at it, the works.

As for silver vine: yeah, my cat likes it. I got it in powder form (??) and sprinkled it onto things and he really freaked out. I don't really think powder form is the best for my applications, though.
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Response by poster: Followup: I got my cattie crew some loose Yeoww! and a couple of Yeoww!-stuffed bananas and they were a huge hit. My tuxedo cat Jack was especially enamored. Going to mark this resolved. Thanks for the recommendations! I also might try growing my own.
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