Please recommend tense investigative movies like Spotlight and Philomena
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I keep re-watching Spotlight and Philomena. I find them very compelling. I think it is the mix of mystery, drama, and how understated and real all the characters feel--plus very good acting. I would like to find more movies like these guys. Note: while they both center around the Catholic Church, that's not at all a preference. I consider that a coincidence rather than a particular draw. Does anyone have recommendations?

I also think part of the attraction might be they're more "external" types of dramas. That is, ones that aren't so much navel-gazing about the protagonist's feelings and how they relate to the human condition or centered on exploring the internal workings of a particular character. So no Wes Anderson.

Oh, and if there's documentaries that fit the bill then that works too!
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"All the President's Men" is a classic in this genre, no?
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Erin Brockovich?
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The recent Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy would fit the mood, even though it's more of a spy mystery than a mystery mystery.
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Secrets & Lies might fit the bill for you.
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The Friends of Eddie Coyle
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A Civil Action

For this but with a left turn into crazytown, The Informant!
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If you want to get extra artsy, Caché is pretty great. It's in French.

Dirty Pretty Things is pretty remarkable too, and more accessible, structurally, and as well as being in English.
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genre busting minority report
three days of the condor
the odessa file
la confidential
no way out (so. eighties)

the big uneasy
chasing heroin
the good american
how to survive a plague
anthrax files
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Documentary Serials:
The Making of a Murderer (Netflix)
The Jinx: (Robert Durst)

Podcast, in episodes: "Serial"
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Jack Lemmon did a couple of these types of films in the 70s - Missing and The China Syndrome. You might also like Klute.

Agree with All the President's Men.
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The Lives of Others
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Mortal Thoughts and The Secret in their Eyes (bother versions) may have more personal involvement by the characters than you want? I don't know but they are both good in other respects. Ditto Presumed Innocent, and the obscure but wonderful TV movie A Killing in a Small Town.
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A Few Good Men
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Mindhunter, the new Netflix crime series is awesome! David Fincher is one of the producers and it reminds me a lot of Zodiac. Which is soooo good.
And seconding All the Presidents Men.
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