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What is the best way to look for vacation packages/deals if you're totally flexible as far as dates/locations and you just want to browse to see what the options are?

This seems like a really basic question so I don't know why this is difficult. I want to look at vacation packages (flight + hotel, + possibly car depending on location) from Seattle. My vacation time is very flexible so I can potentially go whenever, so can take advantage of good deals. I don't have a specific destination in mind - I want to be able to just go browse and find, say, here's a deal on 4 days in Montana if you go these specific dates, and here's 5 days in New Orleans if you travel in January, etc.

Most websites I've used for travel, like Expedia, want you to have a destination and at least a rough time frame in mind. Googling "vacation packages from Seattle" generally gets me websites assuming I want to vacation in Seattle. Other vacation package websites have what seem like great deals until you realize it's assuming you're flying out from a specific airport that isn't Seattle.

What is the best way to find deals/vacation packages these days? Thanks!
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My friend recently found a pretty flexible Italy package through groupon. I think you can search their deals for various destinations, but not sure.
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TravelZoo might work. I'm signed up for their Top 20 deals email and also a Seattle alert one, which I believe includes both local getaways and travel deals specific to Seattle departures. Not all deals are air/hotel/etc inclusive but many are!
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Kayak has an "explore" option which, given a starting airport, shows the prices to pretty much anywhere in the world at that time.
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SpareFare is a site where people can sell their trips (flights and, supposedly, vacation packages) at a discount they determine and you bid on, generally around 30%. There are some very good deals sometimes, and it's just fun to see "all departures from " within the date ranges, +/- 3 or 30 days from the date you set.
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2nding Travelzoo. it's great.
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