I'm jealous of my toddler's shoes.
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I have realized that my ideal shoes definitely exist, because I just bought them for my three-year-old. Help me find similar shoes for grownups?

Toddlers get all the best shoes- bright, sparkly, weird prints, intentional asymmetry, the fun stuff. I want shoes like that, only for a grown ass woman with size 8-8 1/2 feet. Ideal is Mary Jane style with arch support and a sole that is flexible but also fairly cushioned. No heels, not a giant chunky sole, not those super cheap kind with a completely flat insole. Price under $70 would be best. I'm really not looking for "sexy" patterns, or in fact any dignity whatsoever. I have dignified shoes, now I want ludicrous shoes. Thanks!
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I don't know about the arch support situation, but Chocolaticas may be worth checking out.
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Boden, a little bit?

Light-up soles for adults!

The holy grail of OUTRAGEOUS shoes for adults is Irregular Choice

Other than that, come to Germany and check out the crunchy granola end of the market, which is most of it. Colourful, embellished Mary-Janes out the wazoo. Will try to think of online brands.
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I'm a huge fan of Irregular Choice - prices on the website are above your ask, but they have regular sales and a lot of the discounter sites carry them.
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Fluevog has your funky colors and weird silhouettes although you will have to sort through to find ones without heels. Pricey but you might be able to find secondhand.

I have these Josef Seibel Mary Janes and they are delightfully childish. I got mine at a thrift store. Seibel has a few styles that might work for you, though. Price is just about what you are looking for.

T.U.K. has got a lot of fun designs skewing rockabilly. I find these not terribly comfortable myself, they are heavy, like Doc Martins, but with an insert they are much better.
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Camper also definitely has some shoes that feel like grown-up toddler shoes to me, although they're mostly not in your price range unless you get them secondhand.
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Modcloth has some quirky shoes you might like?


(cat faces)

(light-up unicorn slippers)
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Came to say Fluevog, if you're willing to look for them used on eBay --
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What about actual children's' shoes? There are a couple of shops here that sell them in adult sizes (not online, sorry), so they must exist out there. Well it makes sense, my own kids are very tall so their shoe sizes as 12-year-old were quite a bit larger than most women's.
Otherwise I'll vote for Camper, they are amazing.
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As a long time lover of Fluevogs who is on a non-Fluevog budget, I have become quite fond of T.U.K. shoes and often receive compliments, especially on their "Faux Marten's" styles.
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Camper makes grown-up shoes that fit the bill.
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I'm no longer in the scene so I can't tell you the best place to buy them but you can try googling "Japanese lolita fashion shoes". I own a pair of imported leather Japanese Mary Janes but I bought them a really long time ago.

Lolita Fashion

Not endorsing this shop but just an example.
Japanese Lolita Footwear
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For whatever reason, the collection looks a bit more staid this season, but you might find something at Miz Mooz that fits the bill.
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Camper shoes is what I immediately thought of.
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so so late, but Alegria. I have flatform mary janes with stars on. They get discounted at DSW all the time - I think I paid 10bux for them after the 80% off.
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