Help me wake up the way I want!
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Android phone + alarm = wake me up. Sounds simple, right? Hang on a sec. I have a use case I'm not able to solve for.

This may be the world's easiest use case, but I can't google-find any solution that works. For over 30 years now, I've woken up with a clock radio set to NPR. We live in a small place and bedroom space is at a premium, so I would like to use my Android phone to wake me up, but "wake me up to NPR" is non-negotiable, nor is it variable (I know you can set up Pandora, for example, as a daily alarm, but I don't want that). I like waking up to NPR, but I can't figure out how to make my phone do that.

I'm willing to tinker a bit if need be, but my phone's not rooted and I have no desire to root it, so Tasker is probably not an option for me. If i can't get my phone to play NPR at 6AM, I can continue with the clock radio I have, but I was hoping there'd be a way to get my phone to do what I want.
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Best answer: The TuneIn and I Heart Radio apps (both of which have NPR streaming) have this option.
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My local NPR station (KPCC) has a stand-alone app that includes an alarm clock function. If you don't care which NPR you wake up to, that would work. Otherwise, your local station may have an app as well.
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Gentle Alarm has an option for using a stream as the wake up alarm. Just need to find a stream of it.
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I'd be mildly concerned about any alarm clock relying on a live stream. What if your internet connection fails, or the server on the other end is down? I'd set up a standard beepy alarm ten minutes later as backup.
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Response by poster: I Heart Radio is perfect. Thanks!

contraption - fully planning on having a backup, my phone's native clock app currently serves that purpose.
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Although you've found a solution I just want to echo wile e and say Gentle Alarm is wonderful because it allows a "pre-alarm", and lets that increase in volume from inaudible to whatever softness you wish over whatever period you wish .. I use five minutes of quiet birdsong 30 minutes before my musical "get up" alarm.
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