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I'm replacing my bathroom. It's small, space, money and workable time are quite tight. If you had the opportunity what clever features would you design in to your bathroom.

We bought this boat, and as a condition of sale we wanted a bathroom in it. Because it's our house and we thought we could build the rest of the stuff as we went if there was a bathroom.
Problem is the bathroom that was built was ground up bonkers.
So after 5 years of it leaking and rotting it's time to fix it.

My current plan is to tear off the inner walls and floor, rejig a bit, build a bit of wall out so there is juuuust enough room for a bath then new floor, walls, tiles, new lights, new access into the pumproom. Proper extractor fans and all that jazz.
It's time we had a nice bathroom.

So finally we get to my question.
Is there anything I should do at this stage to make a really nice (if tiny) bathroom. We're so close to building from scratch that you can sort as assume we will be.
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Hanging toilet
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The thing that annoys me most about my current bathroom (and bathrooms in most places where I've lived so far) is lack of space to put towels, laundry hamper, and clothes/PJs/whatever you're changing into after bath time. My advice is to make sure there's a spot for that, and other items you use in the bathroom, in your design. Hooks, racks, foldable shelves, built-in cupboards, etc. I know you said space is tight but there can be pretty clever designs in tight spaces (e.g., the efficient storage in bathrooms on airplanes always impresses me).
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From my tiny house obsession days, have you considered a full on wet bathroom (instead of a cramped toilet + a cramped shower stall)?
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I have always liked the infrared heating bulbs. They're fantastic for taking the chill off. Connected to a timer switch so they automagically turn off after a few minutes, otherwise they use a lot of electricity. Mounted in the ceiling, they won't take up any space in a small bathroom.

Alternately, a heated towel bar or underfloor heating is nice, too. Warm & toasty!
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Vent. Vent vent vent. I want all the dampness out of a bathroom. Especially in a boat.

I would also want underfloor heat, and a heated towel rack.
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It seems like the more built-in shelves and cabinets, the better. I toured the St. Roch in Vancouver - it was a ship for the Canadian mounted police - and I was really impressed by all the tiny cabinets and shelves built in.

I would probably sell my soul for a deep bathtub - don't know if you can get one with a small footprint or if that's even what you'd want.
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Sink that folds up.
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Our 5'x10' bathroom (perhaps that's too big for a boat) has a wonderful feature I'd never met before: a low, wide wall between the shower and the rest of the room, which acts as a seat. The shower is just tiles on walls and floor, and the 19" high by 9"wide wall is similarly tiled. It's ideal for sitting on to wash my feet while waiting for the hot water to come through, and for sitting on to dry my feet after the shower. There's a normal shower curtain by the wall. The bathroom doesn't have a tub, though, so may not be what you want; we have a second slightly bigger room with a tub, which I never use because the shower-room shower has a high-flow-volume shower head and is so much nicer than the tub.
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Years ago I installed a cabinet in my bathroom that was kitchen cabinet height instead of the lower bathroom height. I'll never go back!
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Built-in storage in the shower/tub. My in-laws remodeled their bathroom and put triangular corner tile shelves in the shower, and it is so smart! I don't know why they don't all come with storage.
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My bathtub was built next to a drain pipe, so I had the builder put in a shelf above it so as not to waste all the space. Having a long, 6" deep shelf in the tub/shower is excellent. Tile guy was supposed to give the tile a tiny slant for drainage and didn't; that would've made it more excellent. 2nd bath is in progress and I will put a bench in the shower, and knobs to hang storage containers, and a small shelf. I am a woman and sometimes shave my legs. Having a place to put my foot up so I can shave is very handy. I would very much like to have a soaking tub in the Japanese manner, but that's not likely to happen. Warm floors are really nice; vinyl is cold, so cork or linoleum floors would be pleasant. Towel bars and hooks, lots.
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also - plenty of lighting, a magnified mirror, enough power for radio, nightlight, phone charger, fairly lights.
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An incinolet may be too big for the space, but they save on water
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How wide is this boat? Because dimensions are really key here.
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Built-in cubbies in the shower (between studs) for storage and large mirror cabinets with electrical outlets inside so that you can plug-in and store electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, etc inside the cabinet instead of having them take counter space.
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Electrical outlets in locations that make sense for you. Will you ever want to install a Washlet bidet (and if you've ever used one, you'll never go back to not using one)? Have an outlet close to your toilet. You use a hair dryer? Have an outlet where it makes the most sense for you to have one.

Kitchen counter height sinks would be absolutely terrible for me at 5'0", I'd have water running down my forearms every time I washed my face.

I couldn't wait to get rid of my infrared lamp. My home is already warm, and the bathroom is quite warm after a shower. I would untwist the light bulb in the summer in my home with no air-conditioning so it wouldn't make the place hotter and would have to deal with my inadequate bathroom mirror lights alone.

In-floor heating is the way to go.

I like my robe hooks more than towel bars, make sure there's adequate backing in the wall for either.

Medicine cabinet mirror absolutely.

All drawers in your vanity instead of cabinets. So, so much more useful and accessible.
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The boat width overall is around the 4.5m range.

The bathroom itself currently is quadrilateral.
It takes up about half the boat on the port side.
The Starboard wall (which has the door in it) is 2320mm.
The fore wall is at a right angle to it and is 790mm
The aft wall is also a right angle and is 1470 mm.
The Port wall (behind which is the pump and tanks space, tucked under the gunwale) is 2470 mm.

We may well adjust the port wall (by moving some tanks slightly) or the Starboard wall (extending into the coridor) in order to fit a bath. Though I like the idea of a deep Japanese style bath as suggested upthread.

If I have time and mental energy I plan to do some proper drawings to figure out how it all fits together.

So, other points in response:
We already have tiles waiting to go in. They're sitting on deck.
White subway tiles and white and grey floor tiles.

The corridor outside is planned to be tiled as well and to build cupboard units to hold the washing machine, and maybe some towels and so on. But it's a throughway to a forward cabin, so can't be given over exclusively to bathroom sadly.

Wet room is a nice idea, but we specifically want a bath, so the shower is going to need to be in/integrated with the bath.
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Bathroom Grab Bars. Screwed into the frame. Recommended for accessibility, & handy in a boat.
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A urinal, if there’s room. I have no idea why I’ve never seen one in a home. They’re more convenient and save tons of water. There are also waterless versions now.
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