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In keeping with my previous theme of caveman phrasing... I have run out of new comedies to fall in love with. Help me find more?

Things I love (with some reservations that are too lengthy to get into) include, but are not limited to:

The Good Place
Party Down
Rick and Morty
Parks and Rec
Bob's Burgers
Lucy, Daughter of the Devil
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
It's Always Sunny
Simpsons 1-7
Key and Peele
Inside Amy Schumer
Futurama 1.0

Also, stand up!
Patton Oswalt's latest seems pretty great
Ali Wong
Tig Notaro
Maria Bamford
Michelle Wolf (why doesn't she have a 30 min anywhere? does she?)
probably about a zillion that I'm forgetting...

Thank you in advance for your wonderful recommendations, I will laugh frequently and enthusiastically, because otherwise holy shit the world is on fire. But we still have comedy, so.
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Brooklyn 99 comes to mind. It's on Hulu, and has a vibe pretty similar to Parks and Rec.
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Schitt's Creek and The League
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I came to suggest Brooklyn 99. If you like Parks and Rec and The Good Place you'll probably enjoy it.
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Mike Birbiglia has a few specials on Netflix that are absolutely wonderful!
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Thirding Brooklyn 99!

Bojack Horseman!! (Ok, it's depressing sometimes, but when it's funny, it's really funny.)

Better Off Ted - best workplace comedy ever (closely followed by Parks and Rec).

Maybe Ghosted (I've only watched one episode, so am not sure it's going to be good, but it's got the dude from Party Down & Parks and Rec, so seems like it might work).

Reaper and Deadbeat (both comedies about helping ghosts resolve their unfinished business).

Superstore is a cute ensemble comedy that might sort of fit the Community niche.
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Bojack Horseman, Broad City, Baskets, Better Things? (Why do they all start with a b I don’t know I didn’t do that on purpose I swear.)
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!
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High Maintenance (especially the shorter older ones originally on Vimeo; not a straight-up comedy but often hilarious)

Also: Drunk History
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It can be... uneven... But you might dip into Kroll Show; some of the writing is hilarious and the cast is great. Maybe YouTube a few sketches and see if it works for you; if you like send-ups of reality TV, you may enjoy. I really like John Mulvaney's stand-up, as well (available on Netflix). And I second Broad City!

Thank you for reminding me to go watch some Space Ghost.
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Maria Bamford stars in Lady Dynamite and it's aces.
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None of these are new shoes, but may be new to you

Peep show - British, dark and hilarious
Rick and Morty - despite the awful fans (this one is pretty new)
The Larry Sanders Show - classic
Comedy bang bang
The latest season of mr show was pretty good, the original run is great
Curb your enthusiasm
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Also not new, but if you liked Bob's Burgers and you haven't already watched it, Gravity Falls hit a similar sweet spot for me (plus 90s nostalgia and goofy puzzle-solving)
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Seconding Better Off Ted, and The Larry Sanders Show.
(older show) Extras
Trophy Wife (bad title and only one season, watch it anyway!)
another one season show, but I really liked BrainDead
maybe ... possibly ... this older British show ... Pie in the Sky
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The office
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If you like the depraved humor of It's Always Sunny, you may enjoy Big Mouth, a cartoon on Netflix. The voice acting is amazing, and includes Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph. It's about a group of junior high aged kids just starting to hit (and deal with) puberty.
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Broad City is the funniest thing in tv currently imo.
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Happy Endings--hilarious, smart, and fast-paced (which is why it probably got canned--in my mind---prematurely after only 3 glorious seasons). The characters have a chemistry like I've never seen and I seriously believe they are all best friends in real life. It's on Hulu.
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King of the Hill! And Catastrophe on Amazon Prime streaming.
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Ever watch Bored to Death? Several years old at this point (maybe a lot of years?) but I love it and think it has some characteristics in common with stuff you like.
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I don't see Arrested Development listed. That!!
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Also, Scrubs!
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Seconding Veep, which is really amazing as long as you don't mind that every character is a bad person. It's one I can't watch halfway while doing something else, though- I miss too much

Addin One Mississippi (on Amazon Prime), starting Tig Notaro, which is more a dramedy than a comedy but is just small and lovely and funny and smart.
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No Tomorrow
Great News
Please Like Me
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Seconding Bojack Horseman and Broad City and Arrested Development
If you like Space Ghost you might like all the old school Adult Swim cartoons like Sealab 2020 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Venture Brothers! Although be prepared to wait ages between seasons
The Thick of It
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Gravity Falls
Dear White People
Wet Hot American Summer
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Ooh I like a lot of the things you like, so now YOU'VE given ME some ideas!

Some other things I like that scratch a similar itch:

Nthing Brooklyn 99 and Crazy Ex Girlfriend (ignore the title)

I really loved Mike Birbiglia's and Hasan Minhaj's Netflix specials. They are both more "one man show" than straight up stand up, and they are both really well-constructed and entertaining.

You're The Worst (kinda like if It's Always Sunny was crossed with Community and they added just a dash of Parks and Rec)
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Venture Brothers
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If you like Community and The Good Place, seconding:

Better off Ted
Brooklyn 99
& adding—Better Things.

They're all what I think of as gentle, kind comedies where the comedy springs from the eccentricities of the (lovable!) characters, not from scene-setups or laugh tracks.

Better Things is a sort of slice of life-y show about a single mother in Hollywood raising three kids. It can be quite reflective and touching at times.
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I like exactly what you like so I'll reiterate:
Comedy bang bang
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Seconding You're the Worst, which I think is on FX.
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Toast of London!
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Newsradio. Rewatching now, forgotten how good it is.
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I enthusiastically second Schitt's Creek. I really wish more people were watching that show and talking about it. Laugh out loud funny, excellent character writing, and the best facial expressions on TV.

Childrens Hospital is one of my all-time favorites, a parody of medical shows like ER, but so much more, at times homage, at times absurdism. This show has a big cast of good comedians who are all my favorite at different times. You will recognize a bunch of lovable people from Party Down. Maybe less important to watch this show in order because there is (purposefully) almost no continuity on this show until around season 4.

A Touch of Cloth is a delightful parody of sexy, badly-lit CSI-type cop shows, written by Black Mirror author and unstoppable genius Charlie Brooker. It is as packed with jokes, puns, and visual gags as Airplane, and it is also packed with as much murder and sex as modern cop shows. Weird and great.

The Mighty Boosh
Excel Saga
Eastbound & Down
Cromartie High School
Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
Strangers with Candy

*forcibly restrains self from delving into sketch comedy recommendations*
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If you ignore the weak romantic storylines, The Mindy Project is pretty funny.
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So many good recs already! Also try:
- 30 Rock (Incredible number of jokes-per-minute, amazing Alec Baldwin performance)
- New Girl (You'll mostly watch around Zooey Deschanel. The roommates are where it's at.)
- Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (Following the reclaimed animation + weirdness of Space Ghost C2C)
- Sealab 2021 (Ditto — also the first show by Adam Reed, creator of Archer)
- Frisky Dingo (Adam Reed's second animated show, more tonally similar to Archer)
- Archer (You probably saw that one coming)
- The IT Crowd (Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry are two of my all-time favorite comic performers)
- Black Books (Same creator as ⬆)
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Oh shnap! Kroll Show. I love this so much I bought the first two seasons on DVD and re-watch them for comfort when I don't feel good. It's DELIGHTFUL.

Also You're the Worst.

Also Difficult People.

Also Review, and Nathan For You.

Each of these, with the exception of You're the Worst, has caused my spouse and I to spill food, choke, or cry from laughing so much.
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If you like Always Sunny, you might want to check out Kaitlin Olson's other show The Mick.
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Both the original and the new Amazon episodes of The Tick are amazing. I've also been watching Bridget & Eamon on Amazon Prime and it's pretty hilarious.

Also, I don't know if it's streaming anywhere, but I recently caught some of The Bernie Mac Show on hotel TV last time I was out of town, and I almost forgot how good it is.
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nthing several of the above... IMO Good Place, Bojack Horseman, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brooklyn 99, and Broad City are the best TV comedies this year.

Also you mention Maria Bamford ... if you haven't already you will probably want to watch her Netflix sitcom, Lady Dynamite!
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I have to N'th Arrested Development, Better off Ted, Bojack Horseman, Veep, Archer, Superstore and Scrubs as strong matches to your list of shows.

I'll add that Frisky Dingo I think is another good match.

iZombie could be worth considering - of the shows on your list, it feels similar to The Good Place*

Con Man and Invader Zim might also work for you.

* I've only seen the pilot of The Good Place.
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I enthusiastically nth:
30 rock
Brooklyn 99
Better Off Ted
Rick and Morty
Broad City
Venture Brothers
Arrested Development

Not fiction, but still comedy : Travel Man [Richard Ayoade on weekend vacations with acquaintances]

Funnier than it sounds : One Punch Man

Mostly funny but sometimes devastating : Steven Universe

Slice of life shows that are very worth your time : Both danshi koukousei no nichijou AND Nichijou [my ordinary life]
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Response by poster: It is so much fun to see all the suggestions that are new to me AND all the ones I already love and totally forgot about. You are all wonderful people with great taste and I love you.
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