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I want to wear patterned cotton knit long sleeve shirts. I also want tunic tops in knit cotton patterns. Gudrun sjoden is good but expensive. I also want cotton leggings, especially if they come in colors/ patterns. I got a pair from uniqlo but their pattern is mostly striped. I'm in the US. Ideas?
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I am in love with the cotton leggings from They are well made and super comfy. They do have colors and patterns.
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Any chance you're on the smaller side? I have a lot of awesome funky leggings from Gap Kids and a few from Lands' End Kids and Crewcuts.

Hue makes very good quality leggings and occasionally busts out a neat colour or pattern -- I have a pair of Hue periwinkle ones, and Hue ones in a sort of tweed-looking cotton knit.

J. Jill is more "basics" than interesting patterns, but they are great for tunic tops and do have some ones that are at least striped rather than solid, and the odd pattern.

Digging through eBay is a good option if you're willing to take a gamble on large-scale sellers in China -- loads of interesting legging colours, and some interesting tops. Read feedback carefully, expect "fast fashion" quality (there will be some pleasant surprises where you will end up with remarkably respectable quality, and some things where you will end up making a PayPal claim over a torn whatever). The leggings are generally pretty thin, but for the price, good value, and, wearing two pairs of leggings is a lot easier and nicer-looking than you'd think -- also wonderfully warm in winter.

Boden and the adult section of Hanna Andersson are also worth looking at.
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Not sure about fabric content (a lot of rayon, poly), but you might find a some things if you have the patience to comb through Zulilly. It seems to have a lot of print tops, tunics, & leggings. Currently. You need the patience to wait for their long delivery times, too. Good luck--I'd like to find a Gudrun Sjoden alternative, too!
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