Chandelier Options for Low Dining Room Ceilings
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Our house has relatively low ceilings (7.5 feet). I'd like a dramatic light fixture in the dining room, but a lot of chandeliers need too much vertical space. Link me your best flush mount or "flat" chandeliers.

Went to the local lighting store and saw two things that came close to what I'm thinking of. Something like this could work if I could make the cords super short (not sure if that's possible). Track lighting is another possibility if I could find something that could "frame" the table below. Prefer something that can be installed on a dimmer.
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We have low ceilings too (and tall people inside). We settled on this option from CB2 (Vega flush mount). It's an attention grabber, and cheaper than many of the options we were considering.
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We also have low ceilings and a tragic lack of built-in lighting through the rest of the attached living room, and we went with the Possini Euro Lilypad, which throws off a ton of light. It's also very interesting both when lit and unlit, but since it's mostly the etched glass that you can see, it blends into the ceiling pretty well.
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Beautiful options! Exactly the sort of thing I was imagining and couldn't find.
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Would a low pendant light over the dining room table work?

Something like this or this?
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I bought the Vega chandelier for my daughter that eulily linked above. It's really beautiful. On trend now, but also a modern classic design. The light it casts on the ceiling is really nice.
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I have this lamp (sold out) and it's ten inches deep, so crystal to satisfy anyone's Phantom of-the-Opera urgings isn't out of the question. Here's a slightly more ornate Swedish version.
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I saw this dramatic 'semi-flush mount' recently online--you can see it in a dining room makeover here.
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Lamps Plus has a whole "close to ceiling" category!
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Seconding Lamps plus as the place to look. We just outfitted our new place with several from their stocks.
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