Pop songs that start complex and end simple.
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There are many many pop/rock songs that start out simple and go getting more complex, adding layers, instruments, harmonies, rhythms, doubling and tripling vocals, until reaching a climax of sorts. I'm looking for the opposite: songs that start complicated and become simpler, until ending with a minimum of elements. Does such a beast exist?
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Are songs that do both (build complexity, then lose complexity) okay?
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Response by poster: clawsoon: I'm looking for songs that start complex and lose it as they go along, not ones that build up and then release.
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Yes's "Starship Trooper", although it is a climax of sorts, the coda is pretty straightforward compared to the rest of the song. (less complex, not less layered)
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The radio/music video edit of Darren Hayes's Stupid Mistake does this (the album version has the complexity return in the final chunk).
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This may be a stretch, but I think "Space Travel is Boring" by Modest Mouse captures some of that urgent-to-deflated spirit.
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Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbor starts out like a fairly standard alt.rock song, builds up, then simplifies in a very extended way (over 16 minutes)
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There are songs that repeat the chorus over and over at the end, which is a simplification of a sort. Me and Bobby Mcgee is one.
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You might look at some live versions of songs, especially at the ends of sets/shows. Pearl Jam does this with Yellow Ledbetter: they start playing normally, then everybody drops out and it's just Mike McCready a playing guitar solo at the end. And they watch him.
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How about Mother of Pearl by Roxy Music? Has that loud abrasive beginning the first third or so and then calms way down.
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