Your favourite VR demos please
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So I got one of those cool VR cardboard thingies. Unfortunately my Huawei P9 Lite doesn't have gyro, so no support for the Google cardboard app, which most demo's seem to use.. So I'm hoping you can direct me to your favourite demo's (like these) which do seem to work. Thanks!
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I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You can't do any VR on your phone without a gyroscope--that's how your phone knows you are turning your head. (I also have a phone without gyro and do some limited cardboard VR stuff at my job, and the proposed solution was "we should buy you a new phone.") Can you clarify what you mean?
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Response by poster: I got the cardboard at a talk about WebVR and A-frame, a Javascript library which allows your browser to show VR native, so you wouldn't need something like Google Cardboard. Well, that's what I took away from it anyway. If you look at my last link, for instance the demo at the end works on my phone. I just have to put it in landscape and press the cardboard icon, after which the screen splits into 2 areas and can be used with the cardboard device. Or maybe that's not 'proper' VR? Sorry for the confusion..
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(An explanation: Most modern phones have both an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The iPhone, for example, got a gyroscope starting with the iPhone 4. You can estimate orientation by dead reckoning with the accelerometer only, but error accumulates very quickly.)

To answer the question: Have you tried YouTube VR videos? They might work. Random example. If the app doesn't work then try the website, or vice versa.
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