Name suggestion for a nerdy crochet business
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I am thinking about starting a small nerdy crochet business that will operate on Etsy and at local cons. I need a name!

My focus will be on amigurumi of popular video game characters and nerdy pop culture staples. I'm trying to think of something clever that will hint at the nerdy focus without actually using the word nerdy (or geeky, I hate those words despite using "nerdy" 5 times in this post). I know that's very broad criteria but I would like to hear any suggestions! Thank you.
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String Theory
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Loop Guru
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TwentySide Twines
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Small Nerdy Crotchet Business
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Icon Tact
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Knot Pixels


Knot Dots
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Yarno Mean
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Or, if you're Australian, Yarno Moin.
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Right Said Thread
posted by argonauta at 5:44 AM on October 13

I'm not sure how to phrase this in real crochet terms, but I thought of purl/perl.
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String Theory, while a great name, is already the name of a (really great) yarn business -- maybe too much intersect?
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Crochet Propulsion Lab
Dangerbird Propulsion Lab
Gotham Crochet Laboratory, either your town, or a fictional town of your choice
Dangerbird Institute of Crochet Technology
Gotham Institute of Crochet Technology
MIT uses the naming convention Course XVIII if that's of any use
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Crochet to Heaven
Yarn The One That I Want
Alastair Crochet
Take My Breath Crochet
Crochet We Go
Don't Walk Away Crochet
Spirited Crochet
Alien Ant Yarn
Yarn and Hammer (and get a picture of Mjolnir in the logo)
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Would it be some sort of copyright infringement to call it FunCroPop?
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Ami Guru
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Valley of the Yarn Dolls
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Sweet Yarns
Yarn Emporium
Yarn Bomb
Yarn Village, Yarn Villagers
Mini Yarns
Yarn Galaxy
Nerds With Hooks
Hooks and Needles: A Yarn Experience

Consider also -- copyright infringement if you are selling specific characters.
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Ooh, I think I've got it:

Knot Pop
posted by amtho at 3:44 PM on October 17

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