challenging male vocalists!
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I'm working on a music project and need some help coming up with a list of artists to work off of... parameters inside.

Essentially I am looking for examples of "challenging" male vocalists. My definition of "challenging" is someone like Bob Dylan, whose method of singing is sort of a talk-singy-chanty thing and it takes a few listens to discern the notes of his melodies. Another example I would use is David Byrne, who does actually sing in the traditional sense (certainly more so than Dylan) but draws on some deeply weird vocal quirks to execute songs.

I'm NOT looking for male vocalists in the vein of Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars - they are very skilled vocalists but I'm more interested in male singers who just aren't very... melodic... when they sing. ???

I don't know if I'm explaining this well or if I'm making any sense, but on the off chance that I am, I'd like to hear your suggestions. I'm happy to clarify further if needed.

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Les Claypool
Tom Waits
Tiny Tim
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Neil young?
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Springsteen. When you try to sing like Springsteen you realize how much is in the throat. It can really wear you out trying to nail it.
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wemayfreeze - yes! I have tackled Springsteen songs as a vocalist and to get them to sound right basically means going against every shred of vocal technique I have ever been taught.

These are great suggestions so far, thanks folks! Keep them coming.
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Brian Johnson from AC/DC, and Axl Rose are both...unique. Geddy Lee from Rush can also be an acquired taste, especially on some of their earlier stuff.

Eddie Vedder ushered in a half-generation of lower-pitched singers (Crash Test Dummies, the first Stone Temple Pilots album, etc.)
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Scott Walker, perhaps.
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You might check out Ween. I would say it's fair to call their voices "challenging."
See also Leonard Cohen.
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Mike Patton.
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Jonathan Richman--I love him, but my sister (who was a singer) would always say "How can you listen to that? He's off pitch!"
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Mike Doughty.
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Stephen Malkmus? Especially later Stephen Malkmus, where he switches from full talk-sing to weird euphonious regular singing in mid-verse. ("Stereo," "Spit on a Stranger," "Trojan Curfew" all come to mind.)

Probably less useful, but I cannot think of a more unique voice than... the guy from Wheatus. ("Teenage Dirtbag")
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Ian Curtis. Sounds like a low growly monotone, but if you try to replicate his singing you realize that he is doing all sorts of unorthodox things with the pitch and inflection of each word.
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Sean Tollefson (from Tullycraft)
Craig Finn (from The Hold Steady)
Franklin Bruno (from Nothing Painted Blue)
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Fred Schneider of the B-52's?
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Bob Mould.
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Michael Gira
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I love his voice but lots of folks find John Darnielle's voice (from the Mountain Goats) to be challenging to listen to.
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Mark E. Smith (The Fall)
David Tibet (Current 93)
Dan Bejar (Destroyer / The New Pornographers)
Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, etc. )
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Oh, and hell, Weird Al had a whole song about how nobody could understand what Kurt Cobain was singing.
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Isaac Brock (e.g., this verse) sings with what can only be described as a "yawp." Unusually perhaps, I think the much glossier, hi-fi production on their later albums makes his voice sound even stranger. Billy Corgan also has that infamous, imprecise nasal wheedling.
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Howlin’ Wolf
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I am a woman, YMMV, but I find Wallflowers songs deeply satisfying/weird to sing because of the weird breathy-but-not-growly singing style. Same with Collective Soul.

I also find that while David Bowie is very melodic, there's something about his tone that is very difficult to nail, plus his vocal quality really changes across songs.
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The Hold Steady. Soul Coughing.
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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
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Josh Homme has this sort of haunted treble croon you don’t hear much. Hard to imitate the hollow quality of it.

Serj Tankian’s vocals are very melodic and he’s talented in the traditional sense, but the sheer diversity of sounds he makes would violate a lot of people’s voice lessons.

Kendrick Lamar’s voice is sometimes so burnt it’s like ash on fire and his syncopation can be challenging to the ear.
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Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Paolo Conte
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Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything.
Hayden Thorpe from Wild Beasts.
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Jarvis Cocker.
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David Thomas of Pere Ubu
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Richard Burton spoke-sang pretty much every note as King Arthur in Camelot, if that counts. It's obvious he wasn't cast on his vocal chops, and yet it made a great foil for Robert Goulet's tuneful, passionate, naive Lancelot.

If you want to REALLY diversify in terms of genres/modern pop culture relevance, it doesn't get much more challenging than Joseph Spence. God rest him, his voice made Tom Waits sound like Barbra Streisand.
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Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes)
Elvis Costello (at least his early stuff)
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Lou Reed is an essential talk-singer, if you need another example of that.

Tom Verlaine (Television)
Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes)
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Vladimir Vysotsky if they don't need to be in English.
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Shane MacGowan of The Pogues
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Bill Shatner

He found a way.
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Bill Callahan/Smog for his very deep voice and talk-singing.
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Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields.
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Liam Gallagher sings like he has a mouth full of rocks but he pulls it off somehow.
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Robyn Hitchcock. (To me, he sounds splendid, but I know quite a few people who find him too nasal for comfort.)

I also feel like Tom Petty might fit.
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Conor Oberst.
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Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil
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David Berman in the band Silver Jews, who also wrote a lyric, "All my favorite singers couldn't sing."
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Matt Korvette (of Pissed Jeans) HURTS to sing and his cadence isn't always intuitive. I tried this morning.
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Screamin' Jay Hawkins
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Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout has a breathy quality to his voice that is difficult to imitate well.
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Johnny Cash (thought of this Ask when he came up on a playlist this morning).
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I'm pretty surprised the list got this far without mentioning David Yow of Jesus Lizard
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