A Sweater Brighter than the Sun
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Please help me find a lightweight wool crew-neck cardigan in an extremely bright color (neon yellow, green, or orange would be ideal.)

I have a wool cardigan from Uniqlo which is pretty much perfect, except that it's black and they're not currently offering any bright colors.

I'm a woman with a 34" bust measurement; small or medium sizes usually work best for me.

  • Made of wool (at least 75%?) This is for warmth, breathability, and stink avoidance.
  • Bright colors only; high-visibility and reflective elements are a plus.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cardigan, not pullover. Either buttons or zipper are fine, but it must be able to close.
  • Crew neck. I don't want a V-neck sweater for this purpose.
  • Long-sleeved.
  • Waist/hip length.
This item might not exist, or it might not exist as a new item right now, but... here's hoping.

This yellow one from Boden looks pretty good, but $150? Ouch. Cashmere might be a bit excessive.
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This green one from Brooks Brothers maybe?
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This spring, thinking that I might finally break out of my black/grey wardrobe, I bought a couple bright and colorful wool cardigans from JCrew, similar to this style. I never wore them and I'd be totally down to mail them to you if you wanted to cover the $13 for shipping.
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I buy a lot of wool, cashmere and blends of wool or cashmere from Off Fifth and Last Call. It's always hit or miss and there's lots of random things but the quality has served me well over the years.
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This seemed like a serious J. Crew question, but they only had one option that fit all your criteria - this one. Will that do?

Poshmark (which is used/resale) has one in a more neon yellow if you think J. Crew small is the right size.

But now i'm addicted and will keep looking...
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Fairly bright?
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A J Crew store I was in a couple of weeks ago had super bright cardigans (they hurt my eyes) in yellow and something they called "coral" but which to my eye was neon orange-red.
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A bright red merino cardigan from Benetton? Most stores have their autumn lines in now, so it may be hard to find bright (spring/summer) colors.
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J.Crew cardigan in "neon kiwi"
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Beware J. Crew--it's the obvious choice but their quality has gone way downhill. Most of their sweaters are super thin and snag very easily. I've gone through three of those Tippi sweaters in a year and I give up now.
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I found the neon yellow wool Tippi sweater for $20 plus shipping on eBay, and that ought to do the job! I appreciate the tip on durability, but I don't care too much if this gets snagged. It'll provide a bit of extra warmth and visibility on cool mornings cycling to work, and I've got good heavier options for when it's colder out.

Thanks, y'all!
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