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What would be a good retirement gift costing £75 ($100)? For a colleague with no known hobbies; intellectual/geeky more than sporty. - Cannot be bought online but most be available in a shop in London. - Must be an actual physical item, preferably a single one, that can be handed over. - No vouchers or the like. - No consumable items like vintage booze. - Can go slightly over on spend, don't want to go under.
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A Roberts radio? Slightly over budget, mind you.
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Both of these ideas might run you a bit over budget but what about the traditional watch (but a trendy-ish one for under £100), British-made, or - also British-made - a traditional (such as Aspinal) or trendy (such as Paul Smith) cashmere/silk scarf, given the season?
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If you know what his geeky interests are, visit an antiquarian bookshop and buy a nice book relevant to his interests. The bookshop staff can guide you to something; there is bound to be something that fits your budget.
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I was just about to suggest the same as beagle. This London bookshop has some nice editions around £75 including this collection of Shaw plays from 1901 which may be suitably intellectual.
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I think the difficulty of choosing is th reason the "gold watch" became the stereotypical thing. Hobbys are also tricky because he probably has most of the stuff he might want.

Does he have any institutional affiliations that he's proud of? I'd be pleased to get a fine wool scarf in my alma mater' s colors.
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This is above your budget range, but perhaps something like a working brass steam engine?
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A simple solar Stirling engine from the same company would be right in your price range.
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Silver key ring in a nice shape and weight will be over your budget but maybe not by too much.
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Kindle Paperwhite goes a little above your price point but we bought a Kindle long ago for a retiring colleague and it went over well.
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A leather passport holder in celebration of the traveling they will get to start doing, with a monogram to make it special, and maybe RFID shielding to be trendy.

Or a monogrammed foldable leather valet tray like this for a touch of class at home or while traveling.
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Fountain pen?
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Thanks, all. Some of these are definitely going on my own Christmas present list!

The pen and the watch are decent ideas but he wears a fancy watch and I happened to discover that he also owns a serious fountain pen, so I'm wary of those areas. Unfortunately I don't know enough about what he likes to feel safe about choosing a book.

I think a nice scarf would work and I feel happy about picking one; the radio is also a good thought.
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