How do I apply for a job in the same corporate conglomerate as mine?
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Can I just apply online like a regular joe, or is does being part of the same Gigantic Parent Corporation help?

I work for a big company that's owned by a bigger company that's owned by a gigantic corporation.

I'm on a 1-year maternity-leave replacement that's ending in December.

I've seen a job i'm interested in applying for on the gigacorp's website, in a different company that's owned by the same gigacorp.

Does this change my job search strategy? How would I go about getting in touch with the managers at that other company: ask my boss to refer me, email the HR people at the middle company, or go straight to the managers at the other company owned by the gigacorp?

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This is totally and completely dependent on your particular company.

I work for large company X which is owned by company Y. Some people here know people at Y, but none of my immediate coworkers (or my manager, or my manager's manager) work with people at Y. However, internal job listings are shared, so if I were to apply to a job at Y, I'd use the internal job listings form and not the external one. That lets HR link up my relevant employment details with the application.

You have one more level (Y reports to Z, and you want to apply at W). If your boss would be cool with referring you, you could ask what the strategy is. Otherwise, HR might know specific procedures and whether this is a new hire/separation or actually some sort of complex job transfer that keeps your years of service, benefits, etc. the same.
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On the private side, I'd say use any channels you can to increase your chances of getting ahead (but maybe not all the channels? Unclear).

As mikeh noted, it strongly depends on how the organization(s) are structured and connected. I think personal contacts are the best, but maybe your organization values and supports climbing the internal ladders and prioritizes internal hires.
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Yeah, I agree that this is very much a "mileages vary" type of thing. I would recommend that you consult your current boss (especially if you think they'd recommend you) or your HR on how to proceed. Where I work now, I'd use the internal job listings to apply but in my previous workplace, temps couldn't apply through that system. Having someone who can internally speak for you and guide you a bit is really helpful in that case, especially it it's a similar role. Also, how did you get into your current role? Anybody who assisted you who might be able to lend insight?
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