Seeking Advice on How to Sell Sterling Silver and Purer-Than-Sterling Si
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I'm looking for some advice on how to get a fair price for sterling silver and a Thai piece purer than sterling. However, special snowflake specifics inside.

These pieces belong to my mother, and she lives in a semi-rural area in northeast Indiana; she is in her mid-seventies, intelligent, astute, and reading these words (hi, Mom), but doesn't particularly enjoy technically intricate solutions (i.e., signing up for an eBay account and putting them for auction there wouldn't be a great solution for her).

Even if you don't have something location-specific, general advice (such as "find someone in this particular occupation nearby" or "consult this guide") would be appreciated.

The nearest larger-sized towns are Coldwater, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana, if any Mefites happen to live there and have recommendations.

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Jewelry stores will frequently buy silver, paying less than the market spot price listed at the time, for various reasons. An idea of the form of the sterling and Thai silver (e.g. ingots, flatware, jewelry, etc.) and the approximate quantity would be helpful in suggesting possible solutions.

It definitely is NOT a good idea to post sales offers which include any reference to the physical location of the silver.
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I had good experiences in the past sending scrap silver to Midwest Refineries.
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Most jewelry artists I know sell their scrap to Rio Grande. But your pieces may have value over and above the value of the silver content.
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Give Keith at A&R Estate Buyers in Chicago a call. He's knowledgeable, honest, and I had a very good experience with him when I had some silver to sell a couple of months ago.
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