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Short and sweet question... Are there any Phoenix locals here with an opinion on whether one of the Pizzeria Bianco locations is better than the other? (East Adams Street vs. East 20th) I'll be visiting next month and it's been on my list for quite some time. Thank you.
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The original location (on Adams) is a much more interesting building/aesthetic. I think because it's smaller and also the "original" you'll probably have a longer wait to get in. We've waited hours before. But you can always order apps & drinks and sit outside in the amazing fall Phoenix weather. Enjoy!
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I strongly second the original location, just for the sake of the atmosphere and location. Going there is a very special occasion. The other location is just in a strip mall (a nice strip mall! But still...).
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Def Adams location! Plus if you want to go to a museum/science center - they're right there!
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It's unanimous. Thank you.
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