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I'm a current user of feedly, and like the service. I don't like that you have to pay for a basic feature like search. I'm curious as to what you currently use for a news aggregator currently and what features you like most about it.
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Best answer: I just switched to Inoreader from Feedly. My problem was Feedly deleting stories older than 30 days. Inoreader is basically the same.
After using Feedly since Google Reader ended (RIP), the transition to Inoreader has been seamless.
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Best answer: Also just switched to Inoreader from Feedly (forced to due to work blocking it, for whatever strange reason). It's about the same, though several UX quirks on both web and iOS that bug me. I paid for Feedly specifically for search and will likely pay for Inoreader just to help keep RSS readers afloat.
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I've been using NewsBlur since google reader died. you do need to pay a small fee to get unlimited feeds, but I don't mind paying for something I use daily. My biggest complaint is its "Mark as Unread" feature doesn't work as well as Google Reader's used to, and I sometimes mark something as unread and then accidentally "read" it. Other than that, I've been very happy with it.
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I host an instance of Tiny Tiny RSS for myself and a couple friends. It's very easy to install, configure, and use. It has minimalistic web interface, an official Android client, and a few unofficial clients. It's stable and is frequently updated. I switched to Tiny Tiny RSS immediately after the death of Google Reader, and haven't looked back.
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I installed Tiny Tiny RSS the week Google killed Reader. I It's great.
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I 2nd NewsBlur. Been using it since GR died, after a small flirtation with The Old Reader. And I pay my $24 a year, same as MetaFilter.
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3rding Newsblur. It's very seamless for switching between phone and laptop. (which was very important to me)

It does seem to have a few annoying formatting quirks with the Note 8 that it didn't have on the Note 3 (mainly jumpiness) but I hope those will be resolved soon.
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NewsBlur for me, too. I like how well it syncs between desktop, iPad, and Android phone. I also appreciate the training features so I can teach it to never show me things with certain keywords (or conversely, to flag things to my attention with other keywords).
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Happily paying Newsblur $24/year. It's free for the first 64 sites and by the time I was ready to add a 65th, I was very happy to pay for the keyboard shortcuts, filtering, mobile apps, etc.
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I use The Old Reader. I like that it doesn't try to be anything more than what it is.
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I also like The Old Reader. It's simple and does what I ask.
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Another vote for Inoreader - very powerful as long as you don't mind paying for the premium version
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