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I'm looking for bike wheel lights, but I'm bewildered by the choices.

As the days get shorter, it's that time of year again to think about cycling visibility. I commute (anywhere from 5-10 miles/day) and do enough riding early and late that I really want to be as visible as possible. I use Light & Motion lights front and rear, and those throw off decent (amber) light to the sides as well as ahead/behind, but I keep seeing people with wheel lights and can't help but think that'd be a good idea as well.

At this point I think Revolights are a bit out of my budget, but there are a ton of options out there and I would love to hear what you've used that you like and that works well.

- easy to install
- powered by USB charging, or rechargeable batteries
- unobtrusive
- bright
- $50-75ish
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Through empirical observation at Burning Man I am pretty sure that Wheel Brightz are the brightest and most visible cheap option. I run mine of of AA rechargables and in over a year I haven't had to recharge them yet.
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From almost exactly a year ago (when, coincidentally, it was also getting darker): up my bike...
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Have you looked at MonkeyLights?

Their 32-bit full-color product is only like $60. Now, they're a little sillier than plain-lights, but IMV that's a feature, not a bug.

I have an older version of their product on my utility bike. There's a AA container (I use rechargeable Eneloops) that attaches to the wheel hub, and the light board is zipped to your spokes. Once in, it's in.
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I've got some MonkeyLights on my front wheel and I love them. They are quite bright and the batteries last a long time (I too put rechargeable batteries in it). I am always slightly worried that a cop will give me a ticket for the light not being the right colour but it hasn't happened yet.
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