Guayaberas. Boston. Online?
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I'm headed to Australia in 2 months. I have a fat neck. I have measurements. Where can I convert those measurements into linen guayaberas that seems to be perfect for an Australian summer? Local would be better but anyone who has an online tailor they like I'm more than open to options.
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Hey, fellow guayabera lover here; I've mostly bought them in person from various places across Arizona and California. Lived in Boston for a while and not sure I ever saw a local place for them around there.

So, online seems to be the way to go. A few minutes' searching turned up, based in Miami so presumably they'd ship to you. They have several kinds of guayaberas; I assume the "basic traditional" model is the one for you, and that page has a size chart. Is this good enough? Frankly they're supposed to be pretty loose fitting, and especially loose in the collar, so I wouldn't stress too much about the measurements. It's not the kind of thing I'd have tailored short of, like, fitting out a wedding party.

About the materials though - every one I've owned has been some range of cotton blend. I don't think I've ever seen a linen one. So I can't help you with that aspect.
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