Creative talk podcasts?
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I really like Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything. What else would I like?
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Best answer: Some that are similar that you might like are:
Love and Radio which is a sort of "This American Life" of youth and internet culture... It's a resurection of an older show called "This One Time" which was also very good, and available in archive.

Verge of the Fringe, which is a personal storytelling podcast by a man who has an actual degree in storytelling somehow...

Also, in a different thematic vein, but I think good for anyone who liked ToE would be "Sound of Young America"

If you like the occasional somewhat sciencefictiony aspects of ToE then you might like the sci-fi short story magazine podcast "Escape Pod"...

Now that I mention it, there's no podcast but "This American Life" is available for listening online with Realplayer (they can't switch to podcasting because of a deal they made with, and is more like ToE than just about anything else. It's very much worth listening to.

I confess I am just aching to self-link here, because my podcast is inspired by Theory of Everything.
I'll resist... but it is in my profile.
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Benjamen's also got at least two audio reports up for the Berkman Centre, here.
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Best answer: You should also check out Ben Adair's show Pacific Drift. It's podacastable. Or you could stream it here...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be checking them out shortly.
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Check out Johnathan Goldstein's Wiretap on the CBC:

No Podcast, but you can get live RM streams live when it's on. (Hint: If you miss it in one time zone, you can hear it in another).

He's a former producer from This American Life, who, like Benjamen Walker, is really influenced by Joe Frank.

The show's prettty great: Compared to TAL, it's funnier, a bit edgier, and more creatively risky. Really interesting radio and definitely worth checking out.
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I also urge you to check out Joe Frank. I think his site is pay, but he's VERY much the progenitor of Benjamin Walker's style. Ira Glass' style, too -- one of Glass' first jobs at NPR was working on special projects with Frank.

A discontinued show called The Next Big Thing was in a similar veign, as well. No podcast, but it does have web archives. I particularly enjoyed Jonathan Katz's segments.

San Francisco comedian Brent Weinbach has a CD called Tales From the Brown Side that's very influenced by Joe Frank. I think it's great. I played some stuff from it on this episode of my own podcast.

(and thanks to Shane for mentioning my show, The Sound of Young America.)
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Jonathan Goldstein's Wiretap has an unnoficial podcast... search for Wiretap and his name and it'll pop up.
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