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Looking for an app that will allow me to collect and organize recipes (found online and self-entered) and also to share them with other app users.

My current system for saving "hmm, I want to try this" recipes is an email thread with myself. It more or less works, but there's zero organization and I very rarely go back to look at what I've saved. So I'm looking to upgrade to an actual app that will make my my to-cook list a bit more usable (but still quick and easy!).

My ideal app would also have a built in friends list or something like that for sharing recipes. I don't want something that's designed for people cooking together on the regular--I want to share recipes with my far away foodie brother and maybe a couple of other long-distance family members. The ability to comment back and forth would be cool, but isn't 100% necessary. On that note, it should also be available for both iOS and Android.

And if there isn't a purpose-built app out there for this... what other system do you use for similar purposes?
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Not sure about sharing options, but I use Evernote for recipes.
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I use Pinterest for this.
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I love copymethat but I'm not well versed in the social features.
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Pinterest. Almost everything you're looking for.
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I use pepper plate for storing recipes, though the only sharing option is for emailing/tweeting/facebooking the recipe. Maybe Pinterest would be best!
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I use note taking apps too. Instantly searchable by ingredient, style of cuisine, traditional role, etc.

From most websites you can copy and paste text, and do a minute or so of tagging and commenting if you want.

In the cloud, free, lightweight, powerful, robust with local copies. No social features, but I can and do query my note- based database and then copy/paste recipes to friend via email or any other platform that allows text.
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BTW, with Evernote, you don't even have to copy and paste; you can install a little clipping app in your browser that will do the work for you.
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I've been using Paprika for this for a couple of years.
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+1 Paprika. If you give it the URL of an online recipe, it'll slurp it down and format the relevant bits nicely (also not hard to change these or create recipes from scratch); it lets you scale recipes, set timers for every time indicated in the recipe, and so on. It'll export nicely formatted PDFs. It's pretty slick. My iPad is gradually replacing the folder full of old printouts and clippings in the kitchen.
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I grabbed Paprika on advice of AskMefi I while ago and didn't really get it/forgot about it for ages, now I use it and think it's great. On my android phone I choose the 'share' option in Chrome when I see something interesting, and Paprika is pre-selected. I haven't even futzed around with the meal planner or shopping thing yet, but it beats constant self emailing, leaving tabs open for weeks and sticky notes on my desktop I used to use.

I've had to copy/paste into it once because it couldn't detect all parts of the recipe in the middle of some rambling blog entry, but that was super easy and user friendly too.
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I love Paprika for this. One of the handful of apps I’ve really used consistently for a number of years.
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I've only used the web-based version, but BigOven has associated apps as well which look like they do everything you want. Downside, it's not free for a full-featured version. ($3/mo or $25/yr or $79/lifetime for the Pro version.)
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I have a plain old Wordpress blog and I tag the entries with categories/major ingredients. I can't see the tags on the mobile version of the site, though, so I have to manually select the desktop version if I'm on my phone.
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Another Pinterest user here.
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Plan to Eat does exactly this and has a friends list for sharing. It can also auto-import recipes from web pages.
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Another for Paprika... been using it for years.
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Paprika users, does it have sharing in-app?
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You can email recipes from within Paprika. It's useful. You can also make grocery lists.
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Another one for Paprika. You can email to anyone on your contact list, and if they have the app they can import the recipe directly from the email. For new recipes I want to make sure I try, I created a "Cook This" category that I peruse when I feel like trying something new.

It's easy to import recipes from the web, or you can always type them in on your own.
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I use Pinterest, too. Easy to have different boards for recipe types, good search, and social media features.
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I use a free wordpress blog for this.
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