Data-retrieval-friendly alternatives to MyFitnessPal.
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Looking for recommendations for sites with similar functionality to MFP but which make one's data available via REST or some other means that can be fit into a scripted workflow for my vanity web portal project.

Calorie counting has really worked for me over the last year and change. And while I really don't mind their web interface or the various (ubiquitous?) apps on various platforms, I want to pipe some of this delicious data to my vanity web portal. However it is impossible to get one's data back from them without paying $9.99/mo and even then it's a manual button click to export data in a CSV file. I don't really care about any of the premium features that come along with the subscription so it's basically $10/mo to get information I give them back from them via an unwieldy process.

So I'm interested in recommendations for alternatives that check these boxes
  • Online calorie database
  • Many avenues to adding new data (browser/phone/tablet)
  • Retrieval via REST/SOAP/??? API
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