help with rent stabilized lease buyout in NYC
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NYC specific: Can you recommend a lawyer or other resources to look into asking my landlord to buy out my stabilized lease? I've been on the same lease for almost 20 years.
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I can send you a list of reputable tenant-side firms if you memail me (or see if you can go through the mods if you want to stay completely anon). I don't work for any of them; I've worked for a free legal services org in NYC for a long time.
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I've just completed a rent-control buy-out process with Catharine Grad. She's fantastic. We've used her for the last 10 years... first to make sure my partner was able to get the lease transferred him via succession, then to deal with some landlord harassment, and finally for the buyout negotiations and contract review. She will give you all the options, and suggest the best course of action depending on what you want. She's not cheap ($350 per hour) but she also doesn't run up the bill needlessly. We ended up paying half what we anticipated. Two of my friends have also used her for tenant issues, and have been very happy. Happy to answer specific questions via MeMail.
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Peter Schwartz at Graubard Miller counseled us ably through a stabilized buyout negotiation and contract late last year.
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