Looking for a strapless non-binder binder!
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I'm a queer femme but have never really been into my boobs. I am looking for something that is STRAPLESS and binder-esque but I don't necessarily need the full compression of a binder. What do you recommend?

Honestly, my favorite thing to wear as a "bra" are these Buff headbands. The problem is that my nipples pop out and they tend to stretch out.

I'm not really into this velcro of this type of binder--I don't need to compress that much.

I'm down for something like this but it doesn't ship until Nov 1 and I'm also looking for something that I could wear under a white shirt. Same goes for this one. They have it in "bone" which I think could work.

I'm looking for other strapless suggestions similar to the Etsy link or other ideas from people with chests who like to minimize their chests.
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I'm not sure of the size of your breasts, but might a bandeau bra work for you? They are quite popular these days and come in more and less compressive options.
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What you're looking for is called a minimizer bandeau bra.
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How often are you planning on doing this? The issue is going to be that because it's strapless, it's going to be kept up by putting pressure on your chest and thus your ribcage. That's okay for a non-binding product, but for a binder I'd expect you to run into issues with it either rolling down or else being too tight for you to take full breaths. I'm not saying it's not possible - just that it's something to look out for, and that you may have to sacrifice flatness for safety to some extent. One thing you might look into, depending on your chest size, is binding with kinesiology tape - search online for images/demonstrations, you do not want to be wrapping the tape all the way around your ribs.
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Before I followed all your links I was going to rec the origami customs one. I have a light compression top from them. Very comfortable (though mine has straps). I use it as a sports bra.
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Have you looked into (stretchy, not ace bandage) athletic tape? r/ftm has a lot to say about it. I do it occasionally - it's not as flattening as a real binder but it is a lot less restrictive.
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No suggestions about the specific product but for wearing under a white shirt, the closer you match your skin tone on that part of your body the less it will show through
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