Bruges & Luxembourg – the other top 10 stuff lonely planet left out
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Bonjour/hallo! We'll be heading over to Bruges & Lux (or more like these are the places that are lined up for dropping bags&sleeping)* in Nov/Dec for a couple of weeks, and I'd love to hear recommendations for side street second hand stores, shops that stock decent street wear (or mtb/cycling gear!), le yum street food or coffee shops and/or art galleries or anything else locals hold close to their hearts that are the bees knees?** thank you in advance!

*totes willing to go further than these two cities (but not Brussels this time)

**and noo, we aren't skipping the things like Gronigemuseum etc.
We are students though, so Michelin restaurants are a no go :/ (yeah, i know..but luxterburg is where my bro lives.)

ooh and a bonus question!
are either of the european student cards (ISIC or ESC) actually worth getting?
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I wish I could offer you specific recommendations, but I haven't lived in Luxembourg for 20 years (tho I'm moving back later this year!). Know tho that Luxembourg is ridiculously expensive so not the best shopping destination if you are students on a budget. Luxembourgers go shopping just across the border in Trier or Perl (DE) or Arlon (BE) or Thionville (FR).
I'm gonna refrain from making going out recommendations cuz they'll be hilariously out of date.
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