Feminist Hidden Object Games?
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I found the world of hidden object games a few months ago and I'm hooked. The scenes and graphics are beautiful, looking for hidden objects is addicting, and it scratches my fantastical escapism itch pretty well, but the story lines are often "damsel-in-distress" and it's really annoying!

I'd love to find some games that are all about female empowerment, helping people in need by searching for and giving gifts, brewing up magical potions and traveling to different worlds or times, banding together with other badass female characters to help solve a mystery of nature or resist a destructive force. Where are the hidden object games like THAT? Certainly I'm not the only one who enjoys playing without evil witches to kill or kidnapped girlfriends to save. I've played and enjoyed a couple Dark Parables and Witches' Legacy, but there's still elements of female objectivity and helplessness.

Does anyone have recommendations for hidden object games (heavy on the hidden object) with fantastical or witchy storylines that can at least pass a Bechdel test?
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Have you been to BigFish Games? They have a huge selection of hidden object games and in many of them the main character is a woman. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but you can try everything for free and if you sign up for their monthly fee ($6?) you get a free game every month.
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the story lines are often "damsel-in-distress"

Honestly I'm surprised this is the case as there are a ton of hidden object games which feature female protagonists.

Aside from the basic mechanics, games in the hidden object genre usually share several key elements.

Strong female protagonists. There are exceptions, but most of the games I’ve played feature stalwart female leads with a taste for adventure.

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I also came in to recommend Big Fish. I would say the lead character is 95% female and saving the guys, the world, the universe. Their storylines vary from sci-fi, fantasy, horror (not that scary). Their storylines and gameplay also vary in quality so check out their reviews before downloading. I have definitely played at least 5-7 really good ones from them but I can’t remember the names! Sorry! But just check out the reviews to guide you.

They also have a few trial downloads so you can play for a while before purchasing the full game. They used to be like £2.99 but now I’ve seen them for £6.99 which is crazy upmarking. However they also often have promotions so that a few games are on sale. Most of the games also have extra games after you finish the main plot so they do last a while. They have an app to browse all their games which is a bit ugly but does the job.
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Warner Brothers has a Fantastic Beasts tie-in.
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Maybe a bit too obvious of a recommendation but: The Dream Chronicles series. The games aren't entirely hidden object (they belong in the adventure/puzzle genre), but there's a pretty decent amount of hidden object gameplay, and it's the very opposite of a damsel-in-distress tale. Also, beautiful and fantastical.
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Response by poster: Forgot to mention, I'm playing only Big Fish games. Hoping for some specific titles to check out. My partner recommended Tiny Tales and also Agatha Christie, and I like the looks of them. Thanks for your suggestions, guys! Keep 'em coming :)
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You might like James Patterson's Women's Murder Club games. There are four of them, and they are available at Big Fish games.
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Ok I just went through my old purchase and the ones I think I remember being good are:
- Awakening, it’s a series
- Letters from Nowhere 1 and 2
- Dark Parables, unconnected series, they all stem from fairytales
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