Help me find my perfect printer desk/cart!
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I am looking for a desk or cart to carry my Brother HL-5250DN laser printer and a flatbed scanner. Difficulty: I would like to put the printer on one of the lower shelves, and my scanner on the top shelf.

My printer is 14" wide, 15" deep, and 9½" tall. I would like it to fit comfortably on the middle or bottom tier of a printer cart, with my flatbed scanner on the top tier. I have considered using a simple table like this but ideally I want a third tier for paper and whatnot. Most of the printer carts that I see do not have enough of an area to allow for the printer. I am in northwest Georgia (the US state, not the country).
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I used a console table for this purpose, but I had two printers at the time. Sort of like this but not that one specifically; I just searched for two-tiered console table and that's what came up. I kept the paper in some boxes designed for paper storage on the lowest shelf.
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I just did searches in Target and IKEA for "cart" and there are plenty of kitchen carts that would fill your requirements. I think the key here is to not limit your search to "printer cart".
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Thanks! Some searching for a microwave cart has shown some promising leads.
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I use this microwave cart from Target to do exactly what you describe (albeit with a slightly different model of Brother laser printer on the middle shelf and a document feed scanner on the top). The setup works quite well for me, and the height of the middle shelf can be adjusted to fit your printer.
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Thanks everyone! Ended up ordering this.
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