Outer space or city infrastructure?
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Can anybody make heads or tails of this thing? It just appeared outside my house in the last day or two with no explanation. Verizon has been doing some work on our street, and there was electrical stuff in the neighborhood a week or two ago, but.... It's vertical, and has some cables that disappear down into the pavement through a covered hole: see this snip. Would sure love to know what it might be, four feet from my front door!
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Can you get us a legible zoom in on that label?
posted by Kid Charlemagne at 1:34 PM on October 6

Sure, here. Just a clip from a phone pic I took this morning...
posted by acm at 1:42 PM on October 6

Photobucket says you need to upgrade your account and won't show me the image.
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Also, I see that both of the links above went to the same pic, so here's the one with the cables.
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Seconding fedward. Perhaps try imgur instead?
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Jeez, the Internets are against me today. Try this version. If this doesn't work, I'm going to have to excavate my Yahoo password (!) so I can put it on Flickr, which was my intent!
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There's 8 capped sockets with lanyards. I'm gonna guess fiber optic service points.
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I can view all the images on photobucket, including the earliest tries, with no problem. Unfortunately I can't help but wanted you to know the images were viewable by some.
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Nope not working for me.
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holy cow, 20 minutes despite technical difficulties! awesome, thanks, KC! I guess my front wall is serving the whole neighborhood -- now if only the FIOS went into our houses rather than ending like little hose mouths in front of each brick facade... heh.
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Fiber Access Terminal
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Yeah, they apparently have a range of stuff for multidwelling buildings.
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