can't remember a movie quote
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It was from a romcom I think...

... I seem to remember a scene from a movie where a woman tells a guy during some big confessional love confrontation where the timing was wrong or he was dating someone else something to the effect of "if anything changes, just... call me.". Can't remember exact quote or movie or actors or anything. I know this is vague but can anyone help?
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it might have been a TV show now that I think of it...
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Could it be How I Met Your Mother: Platonish (2013):

00:17:58 - When I hang up this phone, you and I are done.

00:17:59 - The door is closed! Okay.

00:18:02 - The door's always open, Ted.

00:18:03 - If you change your mind, just call me back, okay?

00:18:04 - Bye.

00:18:06 - I think he's coming around.
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Was it from Ben Flajnick's season of the Bachelor?

I seem to remember Lindzi saying something like "Well - if it doesn't work out, call me" when she got rejected, but can't find anything online so it might be my imagination.
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Could it have been from Four Weddings and a Funeral? There's a scene where Charles is helping Carrie (with whom he's had a couple of flings) choose a wedding dress for her marriage to another man:

Carrie: Our timing has been very bad.
Charles: Yes it has been. Very bad.
Carrie: It's been a disaster.
Charles: It has been, as you say, very bad indeed.

(They get together in the end, in what is perhaps the most risible scene in cinema history.)
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