Please explain this UK parking/stopping/loading sign to me.
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I think I don't understand the difference between stopping and loading.

Image here. It's just a screengrab from streetview, hence the blurriness.

The sign says, as I understand it:

No stopping between 8am & 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am & 1pm on Saturdays.

No loading between 8.15am & 9.15am and 4.15pm & 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 8.15am & 9.15am Saturday.

What I don't understand is: why is the second part (about loading) necessary? If you're not allowed to stop at all, then you wouldn't be able to load, right?

What am I missing?
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I believe stopping is where you might leave the car (parking). While loading and unloading us an I -progress activity where you are present.

Here's a guide that explains how you can load and unload at places where stopping is not allowed.
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The single red line across the blue circle means 'no waiting' not 'no stopping'. 'No stopping' is a red cross across a blue circle.

- You can stop briefly to pick up/put down passengers any time
- You can stop and wait for any reason outside the first set of times
- You can stop and wait because you're loading outside the second set of times
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On re-read that guide differentiates between parking and stopping, so just ignore me.
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The times indicate what it means - you can't park here, and at rush hour you cannot even load (don't mind me with this box, I'm not stopping) here.
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