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What were bar food in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and if so, what was it? All details, every dealings, is welcome. Thank you.
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This is far too vague a question to be answered in any meaningful way. Japan? USA? England? Germany? Kenya? India? 1940's, or 1840's? Etc.

Try a general wikipedia entry such as Pub for some ideas.
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I am told by an old timer friend that he used to eat a lot of pickled hard boiled eggs at his neighborhood bar. I think this was in the 40s or 50s. McSorley's in NYC which has been around since dirt was first found or 1854, serves cheese and crackers and onions. I have not been there in about 25 years, so not sure if that has expanded at all. McSorley's home page.
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You might enjoy poring over the Food Timeline (food history research service) links. At first glance, it looks like just recipes, but there are articles and other resources that may intrigue you. For example, click through the specific 1940's link and you get USO canteen fare and Trader Vic's stuff.
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In the 70's my Grampie took me to his bar - I remember pickled eggs and beef jerky.
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The New York Public Library has an extensive menu collection that they've been digitizing via crowdsourcing. The search leaves a little something to be desired but you could filter by decade and try to look for bar menus or search for menus that also mention drinks. I'm not sure if there's a Northeastern bias or what but in poking around just now feel like I saw clams, oysters, and tomato juice pop up a lot.
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In my father's time (50-60s) it was peanuts, he claimed that it was specifically a salty food to get you to drink more beer.
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From my bar days in the 80's, USA: There were a lot of honey roasted peanuts, popcorn (most places had a popcorn maker/cart so you could refill your basket by yourself) and nachos. There was a bar I remember where they served peanuts in the shell and encouraged people to just drop the shells on the floor.
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Mom tended bar in the late 80s. The snacks were pretzels, smoked almonds, and pre-shelled dry roasted peanuts. And beer nuts. In small wooden bowls, laid out on the counter hours before anyone started arriving. There were also huge jars filled with pickled eggs no one ever bought. This was in Harley-riding biker bars; can't speak for other scenarios. No food was cooked onsite. I grew up addicted to smoked almonds. This was in New England.

And so, so many ashtrays.
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Beer nuts
When I tended bar in the 70's, these were often 'lunch'.
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